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Jan 03, 2008

Have Your Say in a Tachyon TV Podcast!

Tachyon TV will be releasing a brand new podcast very soon and we have a different and exciting feature that we want to introduce called 'Have Your Say'. This is aimed at anyone who has the ability to record themselves in an audio format so we can use it in the next release. Your comments can be positive, negative, or just plain silly.

This month we'll be looking at Voyage of the Damned. So, if you've got something interesting, witty or urgent to say about the Christmas special let us know!

To take part you'll need to be quick - the deadline is next Friday, January 11th.

Please email your contribution as an mp3 or a wav file (no more than 5-10mb, please!) or put it on your own webspace or other online storage space and email me the details.

The address: neil.perryman@gmail.com

We only ask that you begin your contributions with the words "Hello, I'm ____" so when we edit the soundbites together the listeners will be able to identify you. However, be aware that we may have to edit comments for length.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

We look forward to hearing what you have to say...


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