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Jan 07, 2008

Behind the Sofa: End of Volume 1

Volume 1 of Behind the Sofa has come to an end.

Volume 2 is about to begin.

Don't worry,  we haven't done a JNT and been persuaded to stay, we're simply regenerating. We don't know where you all got the idea that we were leaving!

The reasons for Behind the Sofa Volume 2 are simple: we want to shake things up a bit and get more co-ordinated with our content. This doesn't mean we're going to have secret meetings and decide on our next line of attack about David Tennant's haircut, but it does mean that authors will be co-ordinated so that hopefully you'll see fresh content on the blog on an almost daily basis.  At least that's the plan. In order to make this work BTS Volume 2 will be launching with a handful of contributors and no more. 

Comments will still be available on the new blog but greater moderation will be enforced. The various bunfights that crop up on a weekly basis have become boring and distracting and have on occasion brought BTS staff to the brink of Morbius-like insanity.  But on the other hand things are unlikely to be dull around here and that's as it should be.

So we'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has posted here in Volume 1. It's been fun, frequently insane and you were all fantastic. And so were we.

However, Volume 1 will still be available for reference and very soon it'll be resting at its old address of: http://tachyontv.typepad.com/waiting_for_christopher/

Furthermore, Volume 2 will still link back to the archives.

The other news is that

a) Tachyon TV will be getting a similar face lift before the month is out, with closer ties to BTS itself

b) We'll be releasing a Voyage of the Damned podcast in the next few days

and most exciting of all (we hope)

c) we'll be launching a companion blog called On the Sofa which will be dedicated to everything but the Doctor Who franchise. More news on this will become apparent later this month.

See you there,
Neil, Damon and John


Rock on.

I presume BTS2 will be up in time for Torchwood Series 2? I eagerly anticipate further news. Thanks to all the team for putting so much effort in to making the Behind the Sofa experience as good as possible!


...um...I'm going to be banned, aren't I?

Hooray! I do think the blog will benefit massively from tighter control on contributors and quality of writing.

Hmm, I'm sure someone said something similar about a certain telly show...

Wait a minute...does this mean you're only choosing contributors who are capable of finishing their reviews on-time??

Excellent. I look forward to the new look BTS with much anticipation. I wonder when it will kick in?

Well, I believe we've got to go and visit Metabilis 3 first and then get lost in the Time Vortex...

An online blog working in Volumes? That's new, but brilliant!

I just don't understand how this site could get any better? I like the new comment moderation idea and the stuff about the on-time/structured reviews, but the layout etc is perfect! However, I'm willing to stand corrected if you pull it off (which I'm sure you will)!

Looking forward to the future. I just hope this isn't a #5-#6 regeneration ;)

Being one of the panickers, all i can say is thank Rassilon you've only shot the wrong man's hat...no 5-6 regeneration here, surely.

Your welcome.

Oh that's a relief ! I thought it was all going to go away. My only hope is that moderation doesn't edit out the silliness (as I seldom have anything sensible to say) and just aims at curbing the nutters (no offence intended).

It all sounds great, can't wait for the podcast.

I still haven't managed to see VOTD but I'll listen to it anyway, given RTD's "recurring themes" I'll probably be able to work out what's happening....

It's kinda fitting how Volume One is being reborn at this time as, for those Hartnell fans, Mr Hartnell was born exactly 100 years ago today.

William Hartnell, the actor who originated the role of the Doctor in the 1960s, playing the first incarnation of the character for BBC Television from 1963 to 1966, was born exactly 100 years ago today. For many of the original Doctor Who fans who were children in the 1960s, he remains the definitive Doctor.


RIP. William Hartnell & BTS.1

It's surprising (and possibly a little spooky) to realise that dear old Bill was just in his mid-50s when he was playing 'Grandfather' - and just 32 years older than Carol Anne Ford.

Good job they were aliens, otherwise that's barely legal.

End Of Volume One? Can we expect a Doctor Eyes sketch in the near future then?

Looking forward to Torchwood.
Looking forward to Doctor Who, S4.
Not that interested in BTS 2.

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