Dec 12, 2007

Strap yourself in... for adventure!

From the same genius who perpetrated The Five Doctors Spoof comes a sizeable adventure of insane proportions.

It's only what Time-Flight shoulda been (and probably what Voyage of the Damned coulda been)...



Quite possibly the funniest and most impressive thing I've ever seen. I can die happy now.

The airbag is a stroke of genius. Great stuff and my favourite Kylie song as well.

I love the classic aliens demanding cameos- fucking genuis... that and a certain Mr. Nielsen... when's his real Who cameo due I wonder...

That was quite clever - bit I didn't like was including the Star Wars par (especially Vader).

Like I wrote in the Youtube comments (Ryushinku), it's the missile's stubborn refusal to explode that I enjoyed the most.

That and the reactions from the Fifth to all the nonsense around him.

Brilliant, great entertainment, very clever - thank you!

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