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Dec 26, 2007

Overnights of the Damned

Outpost Gallif.... er sorry... the Doctor Who New Page are reporting overnight viewing figures of 12.2 million (delivering a 50% audience share). The second most watched programme of the day (behind the episode of Eastenders that followed).

Although in the key demographic of Titanic survivors who worship Hitler and are devout Christians... the figures are somewhat less than spectacular.


That really is a rather excellent overnight figure. I'm a little surprised, as I would say this year's special wasn't as heavily trailed as the previous ones. Not counting all the stuff on the web, as that's still a bit of a nerds niche, when compared to the power of TV advertising.

I hope all on here are pleased that it was so successful. After all, viewing figures were of the utmost importance to the old series, and of the greatest interest to its fans.

I don't know whether you would get comparable figures in Australia for anything Dr Who (especially Nu Who). I would say that if it were possible to monitor the number of downloads of the episode could be monitored, a better number could be found.

Well, every other channel gave up on trying to compete. PLus that figure is raised by the final five minutes getting 15 million, a large portion of whom would have tuned in for Eastenders.

Great viewing figures. I think the BBC played it well this year by showing two genuinely good, in-the-old-tradition Eastenders episodes which they trailed heavily, and having a spectacular looking Doctor Who episode as the filling in the sandwich. Good news for all concerned.

The biggest audience since City Of Death played opposite an ITV strike. What more can you add? Doctor Who and Eastenders have been inseperable for three seasons and this is the final proof; RTD gives us Voyage Of The Damned, 42 and Army Of Ghosts. JN-T gave us, er, Dimensions In Time. There Julian, I'm sure you feel vindicated now.

Fantastic viewing figures that we can all be proud of. Shame we can't all say the same for the bloody show itself.

Still, EastEnders was magnificent. However, I think Lauren needs to work on her vocabulary a bit. For example, if only she'd have said "I didn't finalise the disc!" or "I got the encoding wrong!" then none of that would have happened...

But I digress.

At least Bradley - a Doctor Who fan, remember - was spared the disappointment of another "camp" and "frothy" romp as he was too busy punching his father in the face as the new "Guitar Hero" credits were rolling. So it wasn't all bad news.

Fuck me, if we are now slagging of Doctor Who and praising Eastenders the world really has gone mad!

[Insert Dimension in Time joke here]

We've done this. - Ed

Well done on the ratings - great result for us. Thought VOTD was certainly better than Runaway Bride (which shot it's wad in the first 15 minutes). The production team seem to have learned their lesson on shooting daytime exteriors in July and passing it off as Christmas, the sonic screwdriver / champagne cork gag WAS pretty funny, and Cribbins' character must be a shoo-in to return. Face it, you're never going to get Human Nature or The Girl in the Fireplace on Christmas Day primetime. No that doesn't mean we have to excuse the antics with the forklift truck or one or two of the supporting performances (exempting Swift, Cribbins and Palmer), but it does mean that we have to watch in the same sherry-addled spirit as millions of others for this night only.

"Face it, you're never going to get Human Nature or The Girl in the Fireplace on Christmas Day primetime"

I think you're right but I think it's soooo wrong. Audiences can handle proper drama and Christmas used to be a time for it. If families stuffed with Turkey could sit through a Miss Marple they could sit through something a bit more deep and meaningful (or just deep and crisp and even) than this vacuous nonsense.

"Cribbins' character must be a shoo-in to return."

Cribbins was in the 'coming soon' trailer at the end...

I don't think that required a spoiler alert, did it?

Teletext is saying the final figure will be around 13.8 million for VOTD. Needless to say, that's absolutely massive.

Now let's hope some of those extra viewers tune in for Season 4 as well.

Ahh, I've just read this bit :

"The audience peaked in the last fifteen minutes of the show with a massive 13.8 million watching, nearly 55% of the audience. The five minute breakdown shows that over 15 million watched the last five minutes of the programme."

That's where they got the 13.8 from then.
So, 12.2 overall, that's still worth an Eccleston "Fanastic!"

James Coleman: "Plus that figure is raised by the final five minutes getting 15 million, a large portion of whom would have tuned in for Eastenders."

Not by very much, the average viewing (to one decimal place) for the first 65 minutes of Voyage is 12m, so the final Eastenders bump added 200,000 viewers. However, the 5 minute breakdown shows the figures going up from 19.45 onwards (ie for the last 15 minutes), so here's a better breakdown of the Eastenders effect on the average:

First 55 Minutes: 11.72
First 60 Minutes: 11.78
First 65 Minutes: 11.95
All 70 minutes: 12.18

So, all in all, we can say that people tuning in to Who during the last 15 minutes raised the average by about 500,000 viewers. 11.7m is still a pretty amazing overnight, though. Also, 15.1m people saw the Series Four trailer and the Torchwood trailer.

Five minute breakdown, on the Doctor Who forum, here.

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