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Dec 14, 2007

I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord. I am 903 years old.


Yeah, I gotta problem!

903 years old?! Is RTD simply adding a year to the 900 every new series?!

Awesome trailer there, looks amazing!

What's wrong with it? Works fine for me!

I think I just wet myself.

This trailer, plus the news of;


Is so damn SQUEEEE

Sorry to keep posting comments - but I have another thing to say, this time about RTD.

Is he finally getting the message? We finally have some awesome looking monsters (the Hosts) and there aren't trillions of them threatening us. Looks like he used "Blink" as his inspiration. Is this story nicked or a new RTD?!

Might I add my own personal "903 exactly...? Ugh", and say VotD looks like it's a cross between Titanic (surprisingly...) and The Poseidon Adventure.

Haha, hold on - gunna take back my "RTD, changed?!" idea...

Just realised we have the whole planet at stakes here once more. That's the 6829679571st time we've had Earth at stake. I miss the old UNIT episodes where they managed to cover it up and the threat was in just one area.

The Doctor's been lying about his age for centuries. Gallifreyans *really* don't appreciate growing old.

This is the kind of festive entertainment we want; people dying really horribly on Christmas Day. Splendid.

I don't have a problem with the Earth being threatened as a sideline, it's a standard narrative device to give the viewer a personal stake in the story. The Graham Williams years did it in an off-hand way all the time. But if it's far enough into the future that they can build a huge orbiting space liner like that, shouldn't there be a lot more than six billion people down there?

Sinking to the utter depths of literal-minded nitpicking, if he was 900 in 'Aliens of London' he should be 904 now: Series 1 + Series 2 + Series 3 + the year that never was. Unless the 'year' he's using is 4/3 that of an Earth year, in which case in Earth years he's 1204, which fits better with the sort of ages he claims to be in the EDAs.

EDAs? What are they?

Ah, Phil Collison says it's an alien vessel built for secret pleasure criuses around the planet's orbit. So it's contemporary Earth and the population figure is correct.

Still. How shocking must their 'Ford Prefect' research be that they'd latch onto the most famous naval disaster in history; a catastrophic loss of life caused by bad vessel design, chronic short-sightedness, incompetent management and organization based on the class system of time, and think "that looks like fun, we'll have a go"? It must be the same travel agency Cully set up in The Dominators to give pleasure trips to the Island of Death.

I strongly suspect that line and the look to camera at the end is just for the trailer and doesn't even appear in the episode.

But you know what, even if it does, isn't worrying about the Doctor's age the point at which one starts to take it all a bit too seriously?

Liam: EDAs = Eighth Doctor Adventures, the novels continuing the story of the Eighth Doctor from the novelisation of the movie and The Eight Doctors to The Gallifrey Chronicles.

Another "Ugh" I feel is necessary if it's YET AGAIN contemporary Earth in danger. First there was the glimmer of hope that it would be 1912, then the hope that it might be the far future, but no, the public will only take it seriously if contemporary Earth is in danger. I'm going to go watch Caves of Androzani to calm myself down. No planet Earth, and yet somehow it's watchable. God only knows how it doesn't lose every scrap of emotional involvement because it's not our own lives that are involved. Complete mystery. Couldn't have anything to do with it having a bloody good script.

that silver logo does make me wonder if maybe they're going to have a new one ( out of spite to dwm fixing to the taxi lamp coloured version in their new revamp )

maybe this '900' is what he's counted since he lost his SPOILER in the EDA's ? The Eigth Doctor spent at least 100 years earthbound , a few more will have passed by the end of the EDA's , and he could concievably have managed the other 750 with the rest of his 8th life and however long the 9th lurked before 'Rose'

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