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Dec 19, 2007

I Don't Believe in an Interventionist God...

Here are some heartwarming photos from last night's premiere.  I never thought I'd see Nick Cave and Andrew Marr photographed together - only Who has the power to bring together such strange bedfellows.

And I love Cribbins.


Did you notice that Cave's kids are dressed up as Tennant?

(And they should sign him up for an episode, since he already half looks like an alien.)

Yes - the fact his kids dress up as the Doctor is particularly sweet.

I don't understand why all the publicity harps on about Kylie, when Bernard Cribbens is clearly the bigger megastar. His pop career was more palatable, and he's been in loads of stuff - carry ons, the railway children, he narrated the wombles, the dalek invasion of Earth, fawlty towers, jackanory (the Arrabel and Mortimer stories particularly) - what's Kylie done other than Neighbours?

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