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Dec 19, 2007

Hey kids! Did you miss me?

Torchwood series 2 trailer from BBC America.


Also on Freema's site and there are some screencaps here.

The return of PC Andy! There is a God!

Hmmm... looks... interesting...

I'm in two minds about it, and it hasn't even begun yet! On the one hand, the direction looks spectacular (but then they could have just picked the best moments) but the dialogue sounds dreadful (but then they could have just picked the worst moments)

Looks pretty much like Season One to me - stylish for sure, but whether there's any more substance will of course remain to be seen.

Marsters looks cool, though. But then that man could look cool doing the ironing.

What would you do, James?

Me? I'd cancel Torchwood and recommission Sarah Jane. Failing that, I'd put Gareth Roberts in charge of Torchwood, as he's done a cracking job with SJA. Besides, the proof of the pudding will be in the off switch. Bring on Series Two!

Well you won't get any women directors in *this* show, that's for sure.

That does look a lot better this time. They've upped the effects budget (they couldn't have blown the whole lot on the trailer gubbins like the did with Abbadon last season?), and introduced what appears to be an ongoing X-Filesish story arc. So with luck we'll see a lot more connection between the individual episodes which we simply didn't get to much degree last year.

But you can STILL spot the Chibnall material a mile off. :P

"Well you won't get any women directors in *this* show, that's for sure."

I'm sure Alice (no releation) Troughton will be surprised to hear she's not a woman.

"Alice (no releation) Troughton"

Apparently she chose that nickname herself.

Last year there was no continuity at all, the only ones that seemed linked were Chibnal's ones (which he tied together with ruddy great chains). There was no organisation, everyone just seemed to have written their own follow up to Everything Changes, like Backwards and Last Human following the first two Red Dwarf books. This shouldn't be a problem in a second series, because all the characters should have been defined by now.

Is Alice Troughton directing Torchwood after her successful SJA stint? I thought she'd have been the first person scared off by all the rancid testosterone.

"Is Alice Troughton directing Torchwood after her successful SJA stint?"

Um, she directed "Small Worlds" and "Out Of Time" in Series 1.

Says as much as any teaser trailer can I guess- just doesn't really engage me I have to say for good or ill, just a bit blah!

I'm watching people saying things and being very earnest and serious, but it never feels anything more than actors saying lines. The magical line where performance and mis-en-scene merge and give you that magically touch of true drama still feels like its missing. Who for all its problems doesn't have that problem strangely enough!

Some impressive effects- Jack falling very matrix, the bomb blasts very nice, the CGI unfolding gumbings awful....

I don't know if I would call it stylish, it simply looks like a HD version of the Red Dwarf series 8 or whatever the last one was... put the coloured gels away for crying out loud!

End of the day its going to come down as ever to script... lets see what happens.

Torchwood has the potential to be a good series the concept is fine, nothing ground breaking, the execution has been up till now anything but! The Beeb trying to do CSI and ending up feeling like a cheap student film knock off!

"The Beeb trying to do CSI and ending up feeling like a cheap student film knock off!"

Yeh, blah-de-blah. But at least Torchwood isn't a crushing bore, unlike CSI, Heroes, Lost...The list of totally forgettable American shows could just go on and on. Let's just be thankful that those making Torchwood and Doctor Who have so many of the skills required to make intelligent and exciting sci-fi drama, which are so plainly absent in the rubbish we feel obliged to import.

Well with the writers strike on at the moment you'll be free of all those american shows for a while now!!!

I'm all for home grown sci-fi drama, but sadly Torchwood and Who aren't intelligent or always exciting....

So damn we're stuck with Battlestar Galactica and Farscape (if only they were making it still) and all those other sci-fi shows with are soooo forgettable... I think not!

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