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Dec 01, 2007

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without...

Radio_times_small...our annual Radio Time Doctor Who Christmas cover.

It seems to happen earlier and earlier each year too. The 08 Dec to 14 Dec Radio Times will be on sale from Tuesday 4 December, although some might have it on sale sooner (in the run up to Christmas TV guides usually come in much earlier than normal).


Only one cover edition this year? That's a surprise...

Sorry but every time I see this image or the end of LOTTL, I stop and wonder,

"Shouldn't the life belt ring thing say RMS Titanic, not just Titanic?"

And yeah, I agree with what Dave said too!

Ah, but it's not the Christmas edition, is it? It's the one before, same as we had last year.

The ring wouldn't read "RMS Titanic" if they're not actually on *the* Titanic. The Doctor wishes Astrid "Merry Christmas" in a recently released audio clip from the special; the Titanic sank in April, on her only voyage. Also check out the length of Kylie's maid outfit, hardly 1912, is it? I think this is another vessel called Titanic for some perverse reason.

Be nice to the parrot, Doctor. BE NICE TO THE PARROT.

Starship Titanic! Doug's off fishing, nobody will notice...

Persephone, where's this clip?

In the radio programme where Tennant interviewed Kylie.

And on the subject of when VOTD takes place and what Titanic appears in it, it's also worth pointing out that Nicholas Witchell has a cameo in it that was filmed outside of Buckingham Palace.

Just saw the BBC drama preview for Christmas, VOTD is amongst the clips.


...Kylie teleporting, TARDIS spinning in space, Porg dancing, possible Axons in Angel get-up, Tennant...batting something?

...Oh, and Billie showed up in an unrelated drama clip...


Not sure if this has been covered, but 'Astrid' is an anagram of TARDIS, and 'peth' is Welsh for part, prompting speculation that Kylie ends up as part of the TARDIS in some way.

It's also an anagram of 'Strap the Id', prompting speculation that Kylie and her boots will be bestowing some leathery chastisement on naughty thoughts (or, possibly, the monsters from 'Forbidden Planet').

That'll get 'em tuning in on xmas day...

It's also an anagram of "Rad Tits Pet"

Sounds like a chat-up line from a Geordie surfer.

Lol. So it does!

With the "h" I neglected being part of the equation if he's asking in a pronounciation of "eh?"

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