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Dec 08, 2007

Airfix without Sontarans...

The Airfix Players annual re-enactment of Logopolis took place in deepest Wales and was televised by The Money Programme on Friday December 8.

Their resident Adric, now into his 87th year playing the hapless numerical pestering buffoon, took to the stage with relish and very soon jotted down all the necessary vital statistics for the block transfer computations to take place, enabling the plastic chanters of Airfix central all the information they need to intone little replicas of the TARDIS - just in time for Santa to ram one in your stocking this Christmas time.

Airfix1_3Airfix4_3 Airfix2_3 Airfix3_4


Gosh I saw this. Shame the programme implied that Airfix were buggered for getting stock in by Christmas because the licensing people where dragging their heels when clearly it was because they didn't want to send photos out of Martha BEFORE THE FIRST EPISODE HAD EVEN BEEN BROADCAST for fear of spoilers.

Anyone see that teaser tonight?

Yeah, the one where the Titanic was in Space above Earth! Squee! Amazing CGI!

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