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Nov 30, 2007

Kyliein' the Tardis

Fastoodrockers_2Take a slice of Goldfrapp, channel the spirit of the KLF, turn Murray Gold into a set of human sleigh bells, ram in some Grainer and a house key being dragged up and down a piano wire and you might have something that could wipe the grimace off of Simon Cowell's chops this Christmas.

Or Song 4 Kylie by the Fast Ood Rockers as it's otherwise known.

You can even hear a clip right here...

Petition your local phonagraphic stockists now to sell the 7' vinyl and between us we'll beat which ever reality television wailing mentalists are unleased to seize the covertated Christmas number one spot.


Love the Killers sample. Can this actually be released or is it a copyright nightmare? I would bloody love it if it could somehow beat the X-Factor winner (unless it's Rydian [who sounds and looks like a Doctor Who monster] in which case I'm easy.

Gordon Bennett. Do we honestly *want* to occupy the same slot previously held by Mister Blobby and Bob The Builder in between Cliff Bloody Richard every other year?

Good cocking christmas, that's rather splendid. Not quite up there with Jon Pertwee's immortal 'Who is the Doctor', but getting there.

Can we have "Jamie's Awa' In A Time Machine" next year please?

That's frickin' ace, I want to own it but the download doesn't seem to be possible.

"I want to own it but the download doesn't seem to be possible."

And they expect you to pay for it. Bit of a cheek, considering they're ripping off Goldfrapp and Grainer themselves...

Quite a catchy tune and now part of my collection.

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