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Nov 18, 2007

Behind the Beard

Energetic directing, superb writing, excellent pair of Doctors, fan pleasing companion mentions and wibbly wobbly timey wimey-ness, Time Crash is pure, concentrated new series goodness with more than a nod to the past. If we can rely on Steven Moffat for anything, then it's vibrant, rapid writing style, peppered with little bits of inter-textuality. References to LI'n'DA, timeywimey stuff and more are abundant and make for an incredibly fan-gratifying piece of television.

it doesn't so much break the fourth wall, as shatter its metaphorical knees and piss down its metaphorical throat

The music was spot on too, with Murray Gold's less used piece "Clockwork TARDIS" making an appearance. What really sets the sound apart on this mini-episode is the use of incidental '80s music. Don't ask me to identify the cues, because the synth-flavour of the JNT era-who isn't to my tastes, but it just made the scene feel right, somehow.

The closing scenes brought a tear to my eye. You were my Doctor. It's an incredibly sincere sentiment written by Moffat and delivered by Tennant and despite the fact that it doesn't so much break the fourth wall, as shatter its metaphorical knees and piss down its metaphorical throat, it works fantastically. I didn't well up because Davison was my Doctor (because he isn't and being only a teeny womb child during Colin Baker's tenure doesn't seem to allow me to have a Doctor), but because the sentiment expressed and the way it's delivered is incredibly heart-warming. Manipulative bastards!180pxanthony_ainley

Hilarious quotable moments also abound, but the best features the Master's beard. Intentional or not, it'll have Outpost Gallifrey debating its significance for months to come. Or at least until Voyage of the Damned.

And was I the only person who swooned while John Barrowman sang that song just before Time Crash? Even when he looks mind numbingly bored and is accompanied by her from Hear'say he sure can belt out a tune.


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