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Nov 16, 2007

10/2=5 + (30,528Km2) = Time Crash

I was really looking forward to this. I was somewhat disappointed when I found out it was only going to last seven minutes but I was still looking forward to it. Doctor Who and Children in Need seem to go hand-in-hand. 1983 saw "The Five Doctors" broadcast with "Children in Need"Peter_davison_4  and for that alone it seems fitting that Peter should return and do a multi-Doctor story with CiN. 

1993, when I became a fan of Who, CiN saw "Dimensions in Time" which was...well, we all know what we think of that but it still fuelled the flames of Who being a part of British cultureJust_wrong_2  despite no longer being broadcast and 1999 saw the comedy "The Curse of Fatal Death" which still gave the feeling that Dr. Who remained in the public conscience in order for such a comedy to be written and recorded. Children in Need is a wonderful charity for its main purpose but it has also done its cause for Dr. Who. Anyway, you get the point.

Multi-Doctor stories are seen as a major part of Who's history despite being only three stories that involve more than one Doctor ("Dimensions" is not included). You can see why. Watch one and it is just great. I really enjoy "The Two Doctors". However, watching "Time Crash" felt like something of a waste of time. Mainly because it is just pointless. It isn't a full story just several minutes. Nothing else! So why? Self-indulgence seems to be the answer. Yet, you can get snobby with things like this. It was enjoyable and there were many kisses to the past and I like how Adric wasn't even mentioned. Yaaay! This will of course make many fans happy, along with the fact that continuity may come into play: the fifth Doctor was traumatised with having "caused" the death of Adric so it makes sense for the tenth not to mention him. Talking of continuity, why didn't the fifth have the ability to recognise the tenth? Ahhh, who cares? Like Peter would have pointed out: it doesn't really matter! It is just nice when things tie in and when things don't...just move on! You don't want to turn into Colin Baker and start questioning the logic of the plot do you? Well, do you? 

The big thing I got out of this was just how important Peter was to Dr. Who. Yes, he just happens to be my favourite Doctor but he was extremely important and he was bloody good. Some even argue that he was the last decent Doctor. I can see the logic in that but there has never been one bad Doctor (apart from the burke Christopher! Don't even get me started). Anyway, I'm going waay off. The point being is that all involved with this short episode all seem the feel that "their" Doctor was Peter. And Damn bloody right! He was great and he, alongside everything going on with the show at the time, was fresh and it is great to watch. He is truly the under-rated Doctor but we Davison fans know what we talk about.

"Time Crash" was enjoyable and it was nice for New Who to show how Old Who was very important to04 have the programme we have now. There was even respect shown for the old which was very nice. I suppose the only thing I'm disappointed about is the fact it wasn't a full story, or just longer: 30 minutes would have been great. I also think they missed a trick, they could have shown a clip from a Davison story..like going back to when we first see the Doctor in "Resurrection of the Daleks". Let us hope in the future we have a multi-Doctor story with McCoy and McGann. But for the now, we have an enjoyable seven minutes and a wonderful tribute to Peter Davison.

Peter_davison_2_4 To Peter! You were a great Doctor and your stamp on Who has continued for many years and way it long continue.


Perhaps the hope is that this might just be a spectulative toe in the bath water...? It made me want to see more.

I enjoyed it. An awful lot of hits at Peter's expense but in an affectionate way, such as the hair & celery jokes.

Now, *straightens glasses*...did Fifth Doc's shirt look like Season 19 & 20 continuity or Season 21 continuity, you know, the one with the thicker black stripes, because then that means that he could've blahblahblah...

Nice review Liam, though you reckon Eccles wasn't a great Doctor? Are you being serious or was that a subtle joke?

Review up minutes ago at planetzogblog (click for link.)

I liked the Master's beard joke in there too! This seemed more like a "new series multi-doctor pilot" episode. Hope we get the odd one or two with Tom Baker / McCoy / McGann!

They even managed to get around the aging problem! Brilliant!

Hmm. Did the fifth doctor ever use those half-moon spectacles before? Why do I have no memory of this?

He has used them in a couple of stories. "Castrovalva", his first story he uses them.

I just want to say that i LOVED it!
I thought that the whole thing was enjoyable, and a nice lead into the Christmas story.

Plus, seeing John Barrowman just before lead into the whole thing really well!

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