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Sep 19, 2007

Behind the Sofa - in association with The Guardian

Yet another reference to Behind the Sofa in The Guardian.  What's your arrangement with them Damon?  It's Sean who has the honour of being quoted this time around:



To be pedantic, that's just on the sprawling blog section of the Media Guardian website rather than in the actual newspaper, from someone who regularly squeeblogs on Who-related topics. Still, nice one. Even if 'Blink' is still the most thoroughly over-rated episode of recent Who.

I thought it was fairly clear from the link I posted that it was from the blogs part of The Guardian.

Sure - just thought it was moot whether that's actually 'in The Guardian' or not. The Guardian blogs do often reproduce copy from the actual inky version, but not in this case.

Ooh how exciting. They must have liked it then ;-)

You're in again, courtesy of the same chapette -
"Having made a secret promise to myself not to mention Doctor Who for at least a month - and that doesn't count, I was only mentioning not mentioning it, which is different - I will not be mentioning the spin off, either. Luckily, it's been very capably reviewed on Behind The Sofa, so I don't have to."

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