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Aug 08, 2007

"You're going to be in Torchwood love."

IwhodrumsSeconds out. Round two! The second and final part of our end of season, last ever*, podcast commentary comeback has just been unleashed, it's time for Last of the Time Lords

Topics up for discussion include: Mr La Di Da Russell T Davies, response times of the pensioner abuse hotline, bespoke Toclafane furniture, Thal Hollyoaks, Martha's Target Novelisation Rendition Tour of the World, Boe's Hos and Homos and the death of subtlety.

It's available from all the usual places... Comments, as ever, welcome on this thread.

*the management reserves the right to make all sorts of promises that they might never ever keep, especially if Torchwood series 2 is as good as series 1.


Great, I'd been holding off listening to the Sound of Drums Podcast so I could watch both episodes back-to-back. Off I go!

Awesome video too!

But Doctor, we haven't got the ming-mongs!

Never mind The Odd Couple, David Tennant *is* Jack Klugman as Quincy ME. He's had the ethnic sidekick, he never quite gets it away with his current love interest, he's a happy-go-lucky maverick one minute, then sat on top of the moral highground with a sledgehammer and bellowing at everyone through a megaphone about the subtext issue of the week for the remaining 44.

Season four, they'll bring back Gallifrey just so the Doctor can argue with his beaurocratic bosses again.

#We can't deciiiide
If we should laugh or cryyyy...#

Dave, more thoughts on Doctor Who, ME please, as now you mention it - it's obvious.

"What d'ya mean suicide, Captain? I've a hunch he was killed by someone, or something else."

I may well never be able to rid myself of singing the Behind the Sofa lyrics for "I can't Decide".

That's probably a good thing..., right?

BTW please, if there is anything you can do to ensure that the Torchwood dolls with too much articulation NEVER get made then you are hereby authorised to do it.

And finally believe me when I say I don't think any of us want any money back!

Those Torchwood dolls, are they inter-locking, with gripping hands. I'd especially like the Ianto Jones doll which cries real tears and says 3 realistic phrases...

"I clear up your shit. No questions asked and that's the way you like it."

"When did you last ask me anything about my life?"


Does the Owen Harper doll come with bag for his head?

Paul G, you forgot the infamous stopwatch line. That MUST find it's way on to the figure, somehow.

"It's Ianto, not Yentl..."
"I'm nominating you for eviction."
"I was crying in the first 5 minutes, I've got nowhere to gooo..."

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