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Aug 30, 2007

Tachyon TV Podcast 1.2

Ttv_new We've been very busy in the Tachyon TV volcano lately and we are proud to announce the birth of a new-look website, a brand new podcast (featuring an interview with Tat Wood, Mark Ayres' Audio Magic, Forum Watch, and New Show Previews), Blackmail Corner and an extra special vidcast showcasing the unique talents of Matthew Waterhouse. Oh, and there's some vague promises of other stuff to come.

Click here to visit the new Tachyon TV.

Please feel free to stop by our Facebook group where you can download song lyrics and other exclusive stuff and nonsense.


Lookin' great guys!

What's the blackmail image about?

Rough day, couple of pints of cider... This is what I needed- Thanks, guys!

Man made out of WHAT??

Can't thank you enough - made me smile on a Friday !

Looks very nice - and it's quite funny too. Quite funny.

Love the adric vid. "He still thinks he's on Doctor Who", brilliant stuff!

If you continue to advance...youll win BULLYS SPECIAL PRIZE...

The Winehouse-remix of "Torchwood (No, no no)" deserves some sort of Sci-Fi award.

I'm emailing my contacts at the Hugo awards, post-haste!

When in october does stripped down 6 start? I am getting married in early october see and im hoping its towards the end of the month. Its gonna be a long stripped down in 2009 isn't it?

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