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Aug 01, 2007

Squee... but with a strong sense of manly perspective

Iwhodrums Jings! It's busy round here. First a competition (have you entered yet?) and now this... As promised we're back, for two last and final commentary podcasts*, with The Sound of Drums.

Topics up for discussion include: the The Frankie Howerd Book of Acting Ability, the party tricks of Rasillon's seal, bespoke gas dispensers for the megalomaniac who has everything, drummer wanted adverts in the NME, fondue... yes... yes... fondue and being Gold Usher.

It's available from all the usual places... Comments, as ever, welcome on this thread.

*the management reserves the right to make all sorts of promises that they might never ever keep, especially if Torchwood series 2 is as good as series 1.


Hurrah! I've never been so happy to hear the legal disclaimer...

Gold-plated moccasins?
*shakes fist in marginally less financially well-off anger*

Well having waited so long for the podcast I was horrified by it's gay agenda/lousy effects/Welshness/lack of availability in the USA/appeal to families and young people/popularity amongst people who have had sex with other humans*. Neil/other people at TTV/the general public* should be sacked immediately. If I had any morals they would be outraged.

* Delete [DELETE !!!!] as applicable.

Podcast, the final commentary podcast!

Hahaha, I see what ya did there! It fits perfectly! Haha! Brilliant!

*Laughs for a further half an hour.

Ah, the final Tachyon TV Podcast. Has an air of occasion about it, much like the Rolling Stones farewell tours, the final performances of Cats on Broadway, and Disney movies going "back in the vault."

Oh Damon! How could you bring up Camberwick Green without a Brian Cant joke about The Dominators?

I have to confess, I was left wondering if that agent woman was supposed to be Harriet Jones. Of course it's inexplicable John, it's an RTD script.

That spontaneous milk bottle and oo-ee-oo Who chorus at 14:40 is still better than when John Barrowman did it on The Weakest Link.

You're able to buy a Merc on £400??!!

I think you've been had.

Awh, guys, just finished listening to the podcast - or rather inelegantly howling with laughter at my computer screen whilst trying to catch all your remarks.

A major league thanks in return: the pain is much lessened by now being unable to even think of the Master's laser screwdriver visual effect on ageing the Doctor without hearing/seeing Benny Hill.

Genius, as ever.

I thought it was more like a homage to Joey Wheeler from Yu-Gi-Oh.


And what's more you'll be able to hear all the same jokes told slightly differently in the next podcast!

Thanks, as ever, for the kind comments.

I think it's the reaction to the Magic Floating Doctor that we're all waiting for ;)

I'm going to hold off listening in full to this one (though I treated myself to the first 15 mins) until both are out...good excuse to have a rewatch of Sound & Last together.

...good excuse to have a rewatch of Sound & Last together.

Damon, I know that there's a streak of BDSM runs through this site, but from the way you said that it's almost as if you WANT to rewatch SoD & LotTL?

... is there something you're not telling us?

That's what the protective power of Podcast is for :) With it I've been able to get through Cyberwoman three times. Three times!

It's so good, it should be advertised by HI I'M BARRY SCOTT!

And his shiny tuppence.

Which is about as close as many of us will ever get to one.

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