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Jul 09, 2007

Can a swallow carry Peter Davison under it's dorsal guiding feathers?

Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, is taking the role of King Arthur in Monty Pyhton's Spamalot. Coconuts at the ready, and three, two, one... all together:

  BORUSA   :  Gallifrey!
  RASSILON :  Gallifrey!
  OMEGA    :  Gallifrey!
  PATSY    :  It's only a model.
  ARTHUR   :  Shhh!  Lords, I bid you welcome to your new home. 
              Let us ride... to Gallifrey.

And you'll have to tune into a future Tachyon TV Podcast to hear the remainder of "We're Lords of the High Council..." being murdered by three sweaty blokes in a caravan.


I'm holding you to this one. :)

On second thought, let's not go to Gallifrey.

It's a silly place.

Dammit! And I went to see it when Tim Curry was in it, as well.

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