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Jul 16, 2007

Tachyon TV Needs You!

KitchenerUPDATED (0715 17 July)...

Wow! Simply, wow! We've been really bowled over by the response we've had to this post, after around 12 hours we've almost reached our target (the Dalek totalizer to the left should be showing you the current state of play) and we'd like to thank the hell out of each and everyone of you who have responded. It has been truly amazing and I certainly feel very humbled by such a response.

As we never thought we'd get there so quickly it'll remain open till the end of July, when we sort out our hosting, but anything over and above our total will be ploughed right back into the sites and assorted ephemera (podcasting equipment, the next fanzine, merchandise test [t-shirts]). And if you'd permit me a little time I'll email each and every one of you personally (over the course of the next day) with thanks and sort out the "Friends of Tachyon TV" page.

At the end of July, as a special thanks, we'll be unleashing a double "The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords" final ever commentary podcast before returning to the newer style in August.

So... in true telethon style... as the phone numbers for credit card donations roll across the bottom of the screen... please remember that any amount, no matter how small, can make a real difference:

  • Just 6p will buy a new adjective for Phil Collinson
  • 78p could make all the difference between a lame joke about Timelash and *really* pissing off Colin Baker this time.
  • £1.53 would pay for the drugs required to sit through the whole of season 2 of Torchwood.

This is a purely voluntary payment. Only give what you can afford (and what you think we are worth!)

We will keep you informed of how things progress...

Damon, Neil & John


Is there a specific date for the target? I want to donate, but it takes around a week to get money into PayPal in the first place...

We are aiming to solve the problem by the end of July - so two weeks time would be absolutely fantastic

No problem

If you get a payment of £2.00 from a H Maddox, that's me using my mum's spare cyber-change. Dunno if £2 is worth anything but it's all I got...

Get Well Soon BtS!!!

My apologies for the 3rd post, but please check out my small post dedicated to BtS:


A part of the remaining proceeds from my ongoing sale of the extremities of the Who collection is on its way over. I'd only be saving it for a Catherine Tate action figure otherwise.

Do we get a wee icon like on b3ta, then?

There's a chunk from me. Bear in mind folks, PayPal takes a small percentage in fees.

If we're talking about raising loot, what's the situation with the proposed 'Best of Behind The Sofa' book that Neil mooted around a while back? That could still be something to aim towards. In fact, I've had a clout of editing experience myself from way back and I've probably got more spare time than any of the other regulars, so I'm officially offering up my sevices here if you need people to pitch in.

I will try and donate a couple of quid or so over the next week. After all I do contribute to it so fair's fair.

If we raise more than enough, any chance of using the excess to buy and fit a concrete balaclava for Taters? I'd certainly bung a few more in the kitty for that.

Donation on it's way.


We should buy her this instead.


"Perhaps this will appeal to your crass soul."
(heaves out giant treasure chest)

Cash on the way. Bosh.

Cripes, this is the first I've seen and we're already over halfway there, according to Dalek CAAAAAAAAAAAHHHNNN.

I'll throw some in, but keep in mind our puny American Dollar is worth considerably less than your mighty British Pound.

Get google ads.

I just donated £105! That's £5 via Paypal and then all the associated fees as I think it might tip me over my overdraft limit ;-) Still it's a good cause.

You could enter a sponsorship arrangement with Play.com or someone similar, like they do over at DVDTimes, or start an Amazon associates page with the latest DW releases on it.

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