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Jun 16, 2007

Liam Hutchinson

Age: 20

Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne

Homepage: I don’t have one.

Earliest Doctor Who Memory: Planet of the Daleks: the first story I ever watched. I was six at the time (ahhh, 1993, good memories. Well of Dr. Who. Real life was crap). The scene burnt into my memory was when they are climbing up the air-vent and the Dalek was (slowly) hovering up, after the Doctor and his gang. Had me gripped that did.

Favourite Doctor Who TV Story of All Time: It depends on the mood I am in. It fluctuates between The Caves of Androzani, Ghost Light, and Survival

And on the opposite end: The Space Museum makes me sleepy and it’s an effort putting Vengeance on Varos on.

Favourite Doctor: Peter Davison.

Favourite Companion: Ace, by a long chalk.

Favourite Doctor Who Novel: The Shadow in the Glass

Favourite Doctor Who Audio: Haven’t heard any, except Dimension in Time, which I did enjoy. Oh, I almost forgot Paradise of Death. I really enjoyed that.

Favourite Doctor Who Website: Tachyon TV. There was another one I liked but they deleted all my reviews. Bastards!

Favourite Non-Who website: Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins & Genesis

Favourite Film: Schindler’s List, Batman, Batman Returns, Lawrence of Arabia, Rabbit-Proof-Fence, The Message, The Godfather (I, II & III), Brazil and a few others.

Favourite TV Show: Yes, Minister, Yes Prime Minister, Blake’s 7, The Prisoner, Spooks, The Hustle, anything with David Attenborugh and of course, Doctor Who

I enjoy listening to: Baroque, Classical, Jazz, Blues, World and Rock

I enjoy reading: History, science-fiction/fantasy and anything political

Other sci-fi I enjoy: Blake’s 7

Things that irritate me: Loud noises, the Union Jack, anyone who covers The Beatles, nationalism, fascism, racism and two of my lectures who shall remain nameless. People who don’t reply to your texts (it costs me you know, and you have a good deal on your phone so there is NO excuse). Oh, and spell check. It is Doctor Who! NOT DOCTOR WHOM!!!!

Favourite joke: A bloke walked up to the barman and asked for double entendre so he gave him one.

Guilty Pleasures: Well, there are some songs that I like that I know should be illegal. One of which is Take on Me by A-Ha. I shall say no more than that.

Reasons for Blogging: All my mates aren’t really into Doctor Who (they have lives of some sort) so this is the only way to get my excitement out to other fans, short of going to a convention and you can stick that idea! I do have a little bit of a life and I plan to Klingon to it (awwwww, that is bad—perhaps I don’t)


Welcome to BTS :)

Awwww, thanks Mate.

Why do I feel like I now know more than I ever needed to know about Liam Hutchinson?

Welcome to BTS!

(Are we all supposed to write up somet'ing to introduce outselves like that? Heaven forfend!)

Well I thought you had to. It was bloody painful and frankly pointless but I thought it had to be done.

By the way, there is more to me than that!

(whispers) Liam -- in your long posting above this one: re: the "last throws of humankind": the spelling is "throes". When you've had a chance to fix it, I'll stop in later and delete this. ;)

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