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Jun 24, 2007

Becca Nugent

Name: Becca Nugent

Age: 18

Location: Essex

Homepage: The dreaded Myspace

Earliest Doctor Who Memory: I have no idea when this was, I just remember being really young and being in some kind of haunted house style "Doctor Who Experience" that you walk around in, at some British seaside resort. I just remember being terrified of the Dalek which was about three times my height at the time. Other than that, getting 3D glasses in the newspaper because they were showing a Doctor Who episode that night. Maybe I dreamt all this. Hard to tell with memories.

Favourite Doctor Who TV Story of All Time: I haven't yet watched any of the original stories, so I'm going to have to choose just from Nu-Who. From Eccleston-time, Father's Day, and from Tennant-time, Girl in the Fireplace, Doomsday and Blink. 

And on the opposite end: Love and Monsters. Gridlock. And I'm one of the apparently very few who didn't really like The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances.

Favourite Doctor: David Tennant (sorry, like I say, a Nu-who fan...)

Favourite Companion: Rose (again, Nu-who.)

Favourite Doctor Who Novel: I've only read one, and although it was good, I'm not going to say it was my favourite cuz I don't doubt there are better ones out there.

Favourite Doctor Who Audio: Haven't heard any, I'm afraid.

Favourite Doctor Who Website: This one. I check it everyday, I just love reading the views of the other fans. Also Whofic.com.

Favourite Non-Who website: I can has Cheezburger, XKCD and Knitty.

Favourite Film: Moulin Rouge, Sin City, The Virgin Suicides, Anchorman. But I don't really watch many films.

Favourite TV Show: The only things I watch are Doctor Who, Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty.

I enjoy listening to: lots of music. Tori Amos, Patrick Wolf, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, Maximo Park, Incubus, The Killers (Hot Fuss rather than Sam's Town), Regina Spektor, Fall Out Boy...a bit of a mix.

I enjoy reading: historical romances, especially any set around Tudor times, fairy tales, and random things that fall into my path.

Other sci-fi I enjoy: Star Trek TNG. Absolutely loved it when I was about 13-14. Don't tend to watch much Sci-Fi nowadays though.

Things that irritate me: Rude people. And people who mis-spell things. Although I've probably just mis-spelt mis-spell. Good thing I like irony.

Favourite joke: I don't know...my mother-in-law(-ish) tells very good jokes though. I'll tell you one of hers sometime.

Guilty Pleasures: Doctor Who fanfiction. Especially when I'm supposed to be revising.

Reasons for Blogging: I am the only person in my immediate vicinity who gets very excited about Doctor Who (although saying that, my little sister is lately getting very into it), and all my boyfriend does is tease me about David Tennant, so I wanted somewhere to spout about it and see what everyone else thinks of an episode.


Becca -- you didn't dream all that -- I think you must have visited Blackpool and you got the 3d glasses for Dimensions in Time...


Great taste in music by the way -- I thought I was the only person in the world who liked Regina Spektor.

Incidentally, your html's been chewed up...

Goddammit, there are no women on the internet!

P.S. Watch City of Death. It's EXTREMELY funny. Youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZRWAy97yzso

Genesis Of The Daleks is up there too. Watch both stories RIGHT NOW before they get pulled.


Stu, thank you for giving my childhood memories a context! I had wondered why I remembered a Doctor Who episode being shown when I would have been about 5 or 6, when in fact they stopped showing it when I was one year old, but Dimensions in Time makes total sense.
Not sure in what way my HTML's been chewed up, I just checked it and it seems fine. What problem is it giving you?

And thanks for the links guys, I'll watch them asap.

Don't know if they're up on youtube- should be on TV links.

Caves of Adronzani

Talons of Weng Chiang

Revelation of the Daleks

And sooo many more.

Welcome to the blog

Hullo :) Looking forward to reading more from you, and to see what you make of the 'classic Who' stuff! Maybe you can give the next Stripped Down series a whirl.

"but Dimensions in Time makes total sense"

Taken out of context, I never thought I'd read those words..

"Goddammit, there are no women on the internet!"

No, man look again, she's on MySpace. That proves she's real *tongue in cheek*

Becca, spout away. That's what this blog is for, and it'll be interesting to have the opinion of an -actual- Nu-Who fan.

ps - Not that I've ever been to whofic.com, but have you read Emery Board's 8th/Rose vs. Master/Daleks post-apocolyptic story? I say again, not that I've EVER been there, but..

Ok that was bizarre, it just posted my comment without any information.


""Goddammit, there are no women on the internet!"

No, man look again, she's on MySpace. That proves she's real *tongue in cheek*"

well i suppose it's time i told the truth....i'm actually a spambot.

OMFG!!11!david tennant is liek soooo fit!222!!!one!!! buy sum viagra to enlarge ur pen1s!01""!!!



that sounds like a very interesting story, so i'll have to go look at that.

"OMFG!!11!david tennant is liek soooo fit!222!!!one!!! buy sum viagra to enlarge ur pen1s!01""!!!"

See, told you guys. Flick's back to being the only real girl on the internets.

I believe this is it...


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