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Jun 03, 2007

Brendan Kennedy

Date of materialisation: 27/4/86

Location: Limerick, Ireland (colloquially known as the sticks).


Homepage: Not trendy enough to have one. Or, possibly, capable enough.

Favourite Doctor Who story: Oh, there are so many good ones. Do I love The Keeper of Traken for Tom's booger, or The Invasion for its ability to retain a sense of suspense over 72 episodes? No, I love a Colin Baker story: Revelation of the Daleks is a revelation (groan). It's exciting, frequently hilarious and has the best scenes of the Doctor and Peri verbally dueling with each other.

Least favourite Doctor Who story: There's one story whose appeal has evaded me for a long time. It's embarrassing, slow moving, has the worst performance from a companion ever witnessed and has a villain who the masses seem to adore, but I'm utterly indifferent to. I speak of The Curse of Fenric.

Earliest Doctor Who memory: Being cruelly dragged off to mass aged 5 or 6, instead of being allowed to watch Jon Pertwee UK Gold. I'm understandably an atheist now.

Favourite Doctor: It's a toss up between the Tenth and Sixth Doctors. I feel that Tennant's performance owes a lot to both Bakers. Colin Baker's television appears are decidedly hit and miss. Revelation, The Mark of the Rani and The Two Doctors are all wonderfully executed stories with some superb writing and direction, but as well as those, there's faecal matter like Attack of the Cybermen, Terror of the Vervoids, and The Twin Dilemma. Baker really excels in the audio plays.

Favourite Companion: It's either Lalla Ward's version of Romana or Zoe Heriot.

Favourite Doctor Who novel: I've read a very limited range of Who novels, simply because they're so difficult to acquire. Steve Lyon's The Crooked World, is a surprisingly effective exploration of guilt, responsibility, heritage and rules and it's got Scooby Doo and the Wacky Racers in it. Any writer that achieves that sort of balance between humour and drama deserves some major kudos.

Favourite Doctor Who audio: I quite liked Master and The Holy Terror. The Marian Conspiracy, is surprisingly riveting stuff, despite that possibility that at any moment it could slip into a dreadfully boring mess. It's that risk that seems to make it so exciting! Jacqueline Raynor is a very under-rated writer.

Favourite Doctor Who website: Predictably, Outpost Gallifrey.

Favourite non-who site:Barbelith , I came for the Grant Morrison, but stayed for the cat pictures.

Favourite Film: Brokeback Mountain still makes me weep like I've just been forced to watch the ending of Doomsday again. Moulin Rouge! makes me laugh like an idiot. Annie Hall is Woody Allen's best film (even better than the brilliant Manhattan). I have lots more, but those are the three best films ever made.

Favourite TV Show: I'm a bit of a TV-head, so excluding Doctor Who..Buffy, Angel, Firefly, LOST, Heroes, Big Brother, Six Feet Under, Battlestar Galactica, Grey's Anatomy.

What I listen to: I have very varied tastes in music. Some might say utterly random, but it's not for me. I likes what I likes. In no particular order, Christina Aguilera, System of a Down, Lily Allen, Tchaikovsky, musicals (The Sound of Music, Joseph being favourites), Audioslave, Manic Streets Preachers, Mika, shamefully Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, Katie Melua, Norah Jones, ELO, Utada Hikaru..the list goes on.

Reading: I try to find time to read, but I honestly prefer writing than reading. Admittedly, it's not a good approach to the creative process, but I'm trying to improve. I'm currently reading Valis. I'm also a bit of a comics fan. Marvelwise, I love the X-Men, especially Grant Morrison's run on the comic. In the DC end of things, I like the Justice League, 52, etc. In between, I've loved The Filth, The Invisibles, what I've read of the Preacher.

I'm irritated by: Rude people, rude customers, specifically. Hateful, narrow-minded people. People who drink too much, Doctor Who being delayed by a week, the interminable wait between seasons.

Favourite Joke: How many molecules are in a bowl of guacamole? Avocado's number! Ahaha..haha..ha...ah.

What I do: I'm currently a student of science, but more precisely, a slave to chemistry. I also work in a hardware shop that makes me want to gouge my eyes, and the eyes of everyone else out.

Guilty Pleasures: Peeing outside (I'm an animal, I know), writing fan-fic, sleeping in til 3pm, staying up til 3am.

Reasons for blogging: Because so few of the people in my life are fans of Doctor Who (although the conversion is taking place gradually), I'm prone to point them to websites that show just how meaningful, enjoyable and silly the show can be. I'm blogging here to show them what the show means to me and of course, to vent about Chris Chibnall.


Welcome aboard - again - Brendan. Don't talk to me about rude customers - I work in the Post Office, so I'll see your disgruntled nail-tack purchaser and raise you an irate pensioner...

If you ever happen to pass through the 'lovely' port of Holyhead, look me up.

Nice to see another GM fan. I suddenly have the urge to dig out his old DWM strips (or at least the excellent one with the Voord and the continuity nightmares).

I had a strange night in Holyhead about 10 years ago, with a group of Irish nurses after we all missed the last ferry. It seemed a party sort of place.

Sean - try working for a mobile phone provider. Thankfully, I'm off of the phones for the forseeable future, and hoping to stay that way, which makes the job FAR more tolerable.

Brendan - I've just gotten into Lily Allen myself. She's a strange beast, I feel I really shouldn't like her music, but her songs are just hilarious. I could listen to Alfie over and over.

Like Revelation of the Daleks- hates Curse of Fenric!

:-) I am not alone!

Welcome to the blog Brendan!

TimC:"I suddenly have the urge to dig out his old DWM strips (or at least the excellent one with the Voord and the continuity nightmares)."

I've unfortunately never got my hands on those! I'd love to see what they read like. I assume they're out there in the eBay aether somewhere.

And Lily Allen rocks! She is curious enough, but her songs have a great sense of humour and are hugely catchy.

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