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May 27, 2007

Human Behaviour

Excellent episode, excellent ratings.  Hoorah!

7.1 (36.3%)

Top of the shop for both audience and share.  Toppo!  What! 


I was listening to that song by Bjork as I read this. Freaky.

Should end up with about 7.5m...gradually the ratings have been going up each time since Daleks in Manhattan (which got about 6.7m at the end)

Let's see what part 2 gets, I hope the pattern continues.

D'you think Paul Cornell's sitting back about now going "it was all worth it.."

Or something to that effect?

I haven't seen the Doctor Who Confidential on this two-parter, was he on set? I'd have to imagine he'd be pretty awed to see what he created come to life like that.

If he's checking online since yesterday, he can't have failed to miss some of the purple prose headed in his direction.

I read his blog, he was on set a bit, but he was interviewed for the DW Confidential, and christ was he exuberant. Very, very animated and excited-sounding.

Heh, well that's great. I should imagine it feels like Christmas for him at the moment!

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