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Apr 28, 2007

Vote Result: Daleks in Manhattan

Dw304 Results are in for the of first blog poll for Daleks in Manhattan:

  • 81%: Superb – Bada Boom Bada Bing
  • 19%: Not Good – It toasted my canollies

Come back after Evolution of the Daleks for the next poll.



Good to see further innovations on the blog like these new polls.

However - please note that when viewing the blog these days (in my experience) the left-hand sidebar and central column are fine, but the right-hand sidebar has vanished and only appears when you access the comments (clashing with the central column.)

I am viewing it on a normal PC via Internet Explorer.

Anyone else experiencing this? (It has been like that for a few weeks.)

I see your problem, it's called internet explorer. Try some toasty vulpine goodness.

I get that a lot aswell, it moves down to the bottom left below the comments.

Firefox is definitely the answer. I've only converted over the past week and the improvement is amazing. Internet Explorer seems like a bad and distant dream.

To get best results from this site you have both to use Firefox and adopt an unrelenting and possibly series-threatening negativity towards Doctor Who. Once this is done everything is great and the next series of Primeval seems only a heartbeat away.


Thank you, as the blog now appears completely different from yesterday.

The sidebars are now in the correct place when using the slightly-rubbish-but-almost-ubiquitous-web-browser that is Internet Explorer.

However, the poll does not seem to be functioning as it says 102 Superb / 88 Not Good, for Evolution of the Daleks.

I'm joking!

It is actually 103 Superb, not 102.

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