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Apr 12, 2007

Tachyon TV Pilot Podcast

    "Germany buys Torchwood to entertain chimp..."

A Special Pilot Episode for a brand new series of Tachyon TV Podcasts is now available. Featuring an interview with Nev Fountain, Mark Ayres' Musical Magic and exclusive Tachyon TV News.

As this is just a rough pilot for a forthcoming series we would really like some feedback on the format. Is this the kind of thing you'd like to hear more of in the future? Is the basic format OK? What would you like to hear more or less of? The new series begins in May with longer and much more in depth episodes...

Get it here: http://www.tachyon-tv.co.uk


Brilliant! I've just recently gotten into podcasting, finding it much more convenient to get my international news as opposed to listening AT the computer. I'll defintely download and give it a spin. Gotta be at least as entertaining as Podshock.

Ah..will it be added to the XML feed? My Zencast program has the commentaries as a subscription, but I don't see this one.

It has been added to the feed and should update now...

I think the xml feed has the wrong date (13/4/2006) but that should be corrected soon. It downloaded OK into iTunes, but was buried in year old podcasts. Unless I'm doing something wrong.

For what it's worth I didn't mean to lapse into sub VLS/Morris voice but it just seemed to happen.

The date has been fixed and should update in iTunes soon...

Huzzah! My Zencast has picked it up, and it's been loaded to me lovely Zen now.

Fantastic work, gents.

And with celebrity interviews, it takes less effort per person to be funny.

Win/win! :)

Right, okay... First off, I enjoyed it a lot. As for the individual bits..

Headlines- Good, though the ones that worked better for me were the two with out-of-context soundbites to back them up.

Interview- Informative and funny, though obviously it can only be as good as the interviewee; Nev Fountain was brilliant though, and I like the idea of splitting it into two parts- Perhaps it might even be a good idea to split it into three, depending on the interview; When it's been relatively po-faced for a couple of minutes you find yourself hankering for some more of the old TTV humour.

Mark Ayres' Musical Magic- Sorry guys, that's the one bit which just didn't work for me. Maybe I didn't get it, I don't know.

The linking bits were all enjoyable, and I'd really like to see the Forum Watch thing become a regular part of the show- God knows there's enough material...

Anyway, hope this has been helpful in some way, and good luck with it- I know I'll be downloading them.

PS. It's about two-and-a-half hours too short, as is my understanding of Doctor Who podcasts... Sort it out.

Great stuff - and I loved Mark Ayres' Musical Magic. Broke down crying with laughter at the 'Cecil' preview.

Thanks for again making me smile

All Mark Ayres jokes are required by law to have his tongue up Paddy Kingsland's arse.

Or Dudley Simpson if Paddy isn't available. B'dum b'dum, b'diddleydum.

Now that I've gotten a chance to listen to it, it Was definitely enjoyable. There were times, while listening to it, that my workmates glanced over quizzingly due to my *actual* chortles.

That's right, it merited chortles. Anyway. The only thing I can suggest is a slightly longer podcast, maybe bump it up to an hour (but no longer, otherwise we're straying into podshock territory - nicely handled by the way).

I only fear what will happen should Colin Baker ever aquire an iPod...

So true about podshock. I stopped listening to them when they started to regularly go over 90 minutes. The last few I saw were nudging two hours. And that was mainly them waffling over each other. The other one I listen to is the DWO Whocast which is not bad and you can get an enhanced version which makes it easy to skip anything dull.

More TTV podcasts please, this one was smashing and you don't even need to watch an episode at the same time...

Ahh...I hadn't realised how much I missed a weekly fix of TTV mirth. Brilliant all round, (in particular the headlines) and I wonder if you couldn't take the out-of-context sound-bites idea a little further and stage an incriminating interview with Colin Baker or RTD.

Oh, and next time: more Jamie Bamber discussion please. Baltar's collaborating arse just doesn't pass muster.

OOh ooh I need to make a request. Can we bring back the Podcast! song?

Podcast! Another TachyonTV Podcast!

I really liked the Podcast! song..

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