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Apr 05, 2007

Round 3.

It's nice to see that Martha Jones has a slightly dysfunctional family just like mine, now I can relate to her on a personal level. Wait a second, didn't we already see this episode? Nope, it's just ol' Russell penning out his tried and trusty character devices. Hold hands in 3..2..1.. BEST FRIENDS!

I would normally find this completely nauseating, but lucky for me over here (stateside) Doctor Who still hovers below the pop culture radar, which has kept me so far from pulling a Neil. A saturated market is not a good thing and it will surely lead to our demise. I haven't seen that episode of the Weakest Link yet. Any good?

Freema seems alright. Her physicality is much more suited to Tennant's wiry frame than Billie's big boned man jowls. That's something that bothered me from last season, and I'm glad it's been corrected.

Back on The Moon, Tennant takes off his shoes and clicks his teeth. I decide that I like him again.

I was a little worried at the start of this episode with the amount of sensational fluff thrown our way, but once it was all explained and I realized there weren't going to be any fart jokes, (just a creepy old hag with a straw) I expelled my own sigh of relief.

Not a bad start: 3 out of 5.


"Hold hands in 3..2..1.. BEST FRIENDS!"

With this motif, Russel T. Davies has, I think, been extremely clever over the past two seasons and this episode.

The very, very first time we see the Doctor in the 2005 re-boot, in episode Rose, he grabs Rose's hand and says one word: "Run."

What does this mean? Many things, one of them is the Doctor saying to the viewer "Come with me."

In Fear Her, the image is reversed: when the Doctor mentions about the loneliness of the Isolus and the need for a hand to hold, Rose jokingly grabs his hand. Jokingly, but not joking.

There is much weeping in Army of Ghosts/Doomsday as they find they can connect no more.

In Smith and Jones, the Doctor takes Martha's hand and again says one word: "Run".

At the end of this episode, again their hands meet, but this time in a formal handshake: this time around it is more like a partnership than the Doctor guiding his companion.

I'm sure there will be many more variations to come!

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