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Apr 08, 2007

Ratings. Zounds!

Ratings down at 6.8 million  but I bite my thumb at thee saucy fellow!  Verily ratings were down across the board, and Grease was not much of a word getting only 4 million, etc.


True, and the share only dropped by about 3% on last week, which is a bit of an achievement considering the competition...

"Following on from ‘Smith and Jones’, Freema Agyeman continues to do little less than impress with every scene she’s in."

Is it just me but did her bum look big in this?

What's her bum got to do with ratings?

I believe the word you're looking for is "thick." Martha Jones has the kind of lower extremities that american hip hop artists go to war in the streets over.

And I thought Billie's was nice..

F**kin' hell - is this what it's come to?

Captain Jack started it. =X

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