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Apr 13, 2007

Hey nonny no, NO, NOOOO!

I grow too old for this, my fool, too old.
My daughter and her mothers over-act;
Shakespeare is vaguely regional, and Sir Doctor
(I wish they had not used a second time
the weak "Sir Doctor o' Tardis" joke again)
prances and jests and, O my gentles, seemeth
about an hundred years too young and noisy.
I grow too old for this, King of Freedonia
in title only, usurpèd by my daughters,
and though Sir Doctor and Dame Martha pleas'd
the groundlings with their merry japes and quibbles,
and though the Mill ground good things out o' th' dust,
I'd liefer settle down to watch Inferno -
a slow adventure, Hal, that grippeth fast -
than watch again that action-pack'd farrago
whose sound and fury signifieth nothing.
Never, never, never, never, never,
Did I imagine that an episode
Could neither please, annoy nor interest me,
Until tonight. Oh well. Alas, poor Doctor!

For more iambics, see page ninety-four.
Well, really: it was bland, was't not? Oh well.


A great review, with sentiment I can/
agree not. Dean Lennox Kelly da man.

Isn't DLK rather Mancunian, not Warwickshire? Little details like that interfere with my suspension of disbelief.

Mancunian's very popular these days, isn't it? Actually, is it me, or is it just trendy to be from the North? 9th Doctor, 2 Pints, Second Coming, Sinchronicity, Life on Mars, am I missing anything?

As a Scot I can't easily tell the difference between one wimpy Beurla accent and another, Mr Gourley. But, after carefully training my ear and studying Les Dawson and Kevin Whately closely, I think that RTD definitely has a Northern Agenda. I bet that Nick Briggs doesn't come from Surrey either.

I'm not sure where Nicholas Briggs is from. Surprisingly, neither is wikipedia or IMDB, but according to an interview on Big Finish's website, he lives in South London.

Seriously though. Everything's in the North these days. And if it's not in the North, it's in Wales. Not that I'm complaining. The more lovely northern girls I get to listen to, the better.

"The more lovely northern girls I get to listen to, the better."

I have to admit that Lis Sladen is a Liverpudlian, so you may not be wrong about northern girls, Mmmmm!

Try hunting down BBV's Faction Paradox audios, and listen carefully to Cousin Justine. Phone book, I tell you. I could listen to it all day.

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