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Apr 29, 2007

Error in Bafta Cymru Awards leads to General Manager eating own arm.

Eve_mylesDue to an clerical error at the BAFTA Cymru awards last night, Torchwood was mistakenly put into the "Best Drama" category, rather than the "Best Manure" category, which it won with 100% of the votes. Unfortunately, the computer responsible for the division of programs into suitable categories, refused to accept that it was a genuine television series, and the program and it's final tally were inadvertently moved into the Drama category.

Eve Myles also won an award, but because she didn't realise she was even nominated for the "Landrover Would Fit Through Front Teeth" Award, they had to awake her in bed, and consequently she turned up in her pajamas.


It does look rather like she's just wearing a massive t-shirt and forgotten to put anything else on, doesn't it?

I wouldn't say Torchwood was manure. Some of the early episodes were a bit rubbish, but the second half was excellent.

One of the reasons was a great muliti-faceted performance from Eve Myles, so I say "Congratulations Eve on your well-deserved award!"

If she wants to rock the XXXL t-shirt look, I say let her - she's a star!

(And that gap-toothed grin is charming.)

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