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Apr 14, 2007


Excuse me for slipping this in right before Attack of the Pussy-pie, but I sure enjoyed The Shakespeare Code, let me count the ways...

1. Doctor Who is all about atmosphere, historical or otherwise. Gareth Roberts has somehow been able to find room within the single-episode format to privilege us with that intoxication. Thank you kind sir.

2. Science debunking fantasy. An aspect from the Classic Series that I've always admired, and it's nice to see it applied to the standard brand of medieval nasties. I hate witches.

3. To War with Words. A refreshing twist to those old sure-fire ways of defeating each week's threat into a whirlwind of paper, although it was ever so slightly anti-climactic. You get points for trying.

4. Queen vs Timelord. I like this Monarchial distaste for The Doctor, it's somehow comforting to know he's an outlaw even in his adopted home. An arrow in the TARDIS is also a plus.

Proper Who, I tell thee.

4 out of 5.


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