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Apr 09, 2007

Answers To Correspondents

Someone in our house reads the Daily Mail and about twenty minutes ago began to read from Answers To Correspondents, their version of The Guardian's Notes & Queries.  As the text pushed onwards it slowly became apparent that this wasn't something which someone had knocked up in ten minutes as a joke, but the kind of thing that only a fan would have taken the time over.  The level of detail is extraordinary.  Obviously my first thought was Mr. Pixley but then ...


... good to know the editor of the officially licensed book range is still keeping himself busy.  Excellent work.


This is an interesting site:

http://www.whosdw.com/academy.html .

The level of detail is, indeed, impressive. I hope Richards thanked Louise for all the good work she put in.

Well spotted, Mark. The sentence about artron energy is verbatim.

Justin Richards in derivative text shock? Who would have thought!

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