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Mar 02, 2007

You Can't Stop the Signal

Final part, so you’re not expecting any great analysis by now, surely…

As Rovers start sprouting everywhere - their malign seeds so potent as to even rewrite the order of events from the previous episode’s cliff-hanger - the Doctor beats frenetically at the door of the weather station, begging to be let in before he gets so soapy his frock coat dissolves into basic animal fats. Jamie and Zoe for their part take most of this episode letting him in; Jamie leading off the by-now Amarillo-dancing Ice Warrior, and Zoe stopping for a quick change of outfit before the Doctor and the contents of a particularly full washing machine burst through. Before you can say ‘Spunk Everywhere’, Troughton’s drying himself off and concocting a cunning means of dealing with their Tony Christie-emulating nuisance: a pair of solar-powered breast-enhancers that soon reduce the Martian to fried slime. His task complete, the Doctor can now patent the solar wok to Chinese restaurants worldwide.

‘The Space Pirates’ is next. Guess the forecast is dull and cloudy then…

Beaming to the moon by T-Mat, Slaar finds his grand plans - not to mention his Grand Marshall - in a right state; though at least the latter seems to have the consolation of a night on the town to look forward to judging by the amount of sequins he’s plastered to his helmet. Confronted by the Doctor at his supercilious best - not to mention an uncanny impression of Dot Cotton at one point - Slaar sees his dreams of glory and refrigerated real estate go up in flames as the Ice Warrior fleet gets diverted by Miss Kelly’s bogus signal. Leaving him to witness the triangle of snooker balls-fleet head straight for the sun - which will do the scrubbed-up-nicely Grand Marshall no good at all - before collapsing in a hissy fit with a particularly plosive sigh as he gets a taste of his own mirrolon for good measure.

the Doctor can now patent the solar wok to Chinese restaurants worldwide

And that’s about it, as in grand Doctor Who tradition our heroes sneak out while the supporting cast are having a wholesome argument about the virtues of tradition against technology. Back at the TARDIS the Doctor and co. check on the latest weather forecast.

‘The Space Pirates’ is next. Guess it’ll be dull and cloudy then…

(The Bumper Book of Made-Up Doctor Who Facts has this to say about The Seeds of Death 6: Peter Kay got his idea for Comic Relief’s 'Amarillo' video from this episode)


The ghost of Robert Holmes can read, you know.

Your Seeds of Death reviews have been almost Querryesque in their profanity!

Also, extra points for using the word "plosive" effectively. Nice.

John, to be mentioned in the same breath as the Querry-meister himself is indeed high praise. Though I fear I stick far too much to the matters on screen to deserve direct comparison.

Perhaps if I imbibed the same prescription medications that Damon does then I could make that next leap...

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