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Mar 04, 2007

Wearing baggy pants and looking into the middle distance...

The Seeds of Death - Episode 6


  • The Doctor's position of general all-round genius status is placed in jeopardy when he fails to spot a button marked SHUT which is the door control.
  • He then proceeds to build a mobile solarium to tan the Ice Warriors a lovely shade of orange using nothing but a couple of discarded pie tins from the kitchens and some fire-effect bulbs from a 50's lounge fire.
  • The Ice Warrior's military ranking appears to be signified by helmet embellishments, with the Grand Marshall having a sequin covered headpiece. Perhaps when you become Lord High Grand Marshall you get rhinestones in a fractal pattern and a pink scrunchy?
  • The frequency of the Martian homing beacon has a number of disastrous side effects, not least of all is the fact that that's the exact same frequency that Iron Chickens emit when in heat.
  • Why does Slaar always strike a pose, rather than just standing normally? It's as if he's an underwear model in a Martian mail order clothing catalogue.

The Bumper Book of Made Up Doctor Who Facts has this to say about part 6 of The Seeds of Death: following Bernard Bresslaw's impressive début as an  Ice Warrior in their first outing it was decided that there should always have a Carry On cast member play an Ice Warrior in their subsequent TV outings. See if you can spot Hattie Jacques.


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