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Mar 04, 2007

Those pod things....are DEADLY!

   So, with a well-paced story such as this, it seems to work well, for a busy man such as meself, to watch it in two sittings.  At this point, I do have to admit to being unwilling at first to watch the story, in fact scratching my head at why it was picked.  I've not seen much of the Ice Warriors, and were never to impressed by the pictures I'd seen.  I must now update previous notions.  They're a bunch of sneaky bastards.

200pxedgardead_1 The Ice Warriors used their mole to get the poison gas inside the facility and release it, endangering the workers in said environment, until Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian managed to get the rooms sealed and the A/C running. The world waits with baited breath to see whether or not the Ice Warriors can do the impossible and finally off that annoying Kim Bauer.  Alas, it was too late for poor Edgar, as he fell victim, nobly, to the Ice Warrior's poison gas, being the one closest to the seed pod.  If it had been the Ice Warriors' intended plan to simply poison and take over the control room, AND THUS THE WORLD, I'd have stopped watching mid-episode-four.  Fortunately, grander things were in mind. 

The Ice Warriors intend to take over the world in the form of a giant Spring Break FOAM PARTY! Tenerifefoamparty No seriously, I liked the whole terraforming angle.  One of the better ones I've seen. And I'm so glad they weren't just trying to poison the world with that very ineffective poison gas. After seeing this serial, in it's entirety, I now wish the BBC to make a modern-day Ice Warrior story. These are some SMART adversaries, and there's not enough of them.  For every Delgado Master and Ice Warrior, there's about a dozen Earthshock Cybermen, Drashigs, and hideously deformed despots(Buy TIMELASH on DVD!). I'd specifically like to see an Ice Warrior story set on Mars, as to my understanding, the reason they're all such slow and cumbersome mouthbreathers is our atmosphere.  Too hot, too moist, and the air's too thick.  I'd like to see them in their natural environment, as I expect it's not dissimilar to watching a Nature channel special on crocodiles or other large reptiles and amphibians. 

Professor Eldred managed to sum up six episodes in one sentence.  At the insistence of getting T-Mat back online at the expense of all else, he warns about putting all of our eggs in one basket.  Remember, the world is only 3 hot meals away from the next Dark age.  If the Doctor hadn't succeeded this time around, that's precisely what would have happened, and it would have been the old buggers with motor cars stored away in their museums that would have made out like bandits. 

Well, made it in just under the gun, so roll on The Daemons, or as I like to call it, the Damons (starring Damons D and Querry as great stone monsters, taking the piss out of UNIT and the Delgado Master!).


I am Bok to Querry's big shouty Azel.

Aha, another 24 watcher. Seen any of the new series? There's some fab plot twists.

Bits and pieces. I find myself watching less American TV than usual (usual = 24, Scrubs, some Heroes, Dresden Files).

I know about the "returning guest star." He looks kinda rough this year..

Also, gigantic black balls run in the Palmer family. Enough said on that.

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