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Mar 08, 2007

The Daemons: setting the bar for religious tolerance.

Images_1 Ah, The Daemons.  Or the Damons.  Or Demons.  Or that squiggly letter I can't make in Notepad. What a story.  What a tale. What a load of bollocks I'm spewing while I'm trying to remember everything I watched last night.

This town has a "local white witch." REALLY?  Britain of the 70s must be much more liberated than America of the 70s, as they were still burning witches in various parts of the southern US until at least the mid-80s, while this sleepy little English town has its own official, tolerated, accepted, local white witch.  Is that an actual council job?

Jo's interaction in this episode goes completely towards why, while I think she's well fit, she's everything I hate about female stereotypes.  The Doctor (keep in mind, Pertwee's the smug git that I like least) is abusive, mocking, downright rude to her throughout much of these first two episodes, and yet she still gazes adoringly at him, brushing off his mistreatment with little more than a bemused shake of her head.  What does this about Jo in particular, and women in general? Meh, it's a study for another time and place.  Suffice it to say, I keep waiting for Jo to perk up and give him what-for.

It's nice to see the entire staff of UNIT save the Brig(yes, all three of them: Benton, Yates, and that other guy) gathered around watching something educational.  A smart army is an effective army.  Stand up, Torchwood.

Speaking of Torchwood, those giant hoofprints have me wondering if possibly Azal(he's the big one, right?) is related to the Beast from End of Days, or just another random "evil from the dawn of time" that happens to stand higher than some buildings. I am rather fond of the little stone bugger, though.  Looks dead silly, but a nice costume nonetheless.

I've got the theory that by now, UNIT has realized what a smug git the third Doctor is, and are trying to get rid of him. Watch, as they let him run off to Devil's End with no backup(no, Miss Grant doesn't count).  Marvel as Jo calls for immediate assistance, with Yates responding they'll be there "first thing in the morning." Giggle uncontrollably as, while dressed in their ridiculous "street" clothes, they get immediately sidetracked by the giant footprints, with Benton completely forgetting why they were heading to Devil's End in the first place, thinking with his stomach instead of his head.

And the Irish get shafted again, as the constable is not only brainwashed, but dead by the end of episode two.

I can't wait for the explanation for the Corgi miniature spaceship of Doom weighing in at 750 tons.  Wouldn't, at that weight, it cause some sort of stress fracturing in the ground around it?  And on a last note, bravo to the heat shield around the town.  That's got to be one of the more brilliant ideas during the Pertwee era, and costs about as much as a sack of dirt and some poppers. Oh, and one poor minivan that didn't look too much longer for this world anyway.

The Bumper Book of Made Up Doctor Who Facts has this to say about The Daemons: The name "The Daemons" was a cruel joke perpetrated on the Doctor Who-loving populace of the time, as it wasn't until decades later that Windows 95 would strike a blow against typing weird characters.  Of course, 10 years later, most of us are too lazy to use a character map to find the "ae" letter anyway.

Images_2EDIT: I just noticed this.  The Brig's chopper has, plastered across it's front end: G-UNIT. Which means that Brig, Yates, and Benton are none other than, in disguise, these gentlemen.


I think Season 8 might possibly feature the rudest, snappiest version of the Third Doctor of all, with Terror of the Autons being the highpoint for me. "I'm rather looking forward to it!" And all those people that died, Doctor...?

But I do like how being all high & mighty like that was set to earn him a swift bottling from the locals down t'pub if it wasn't for Jo smoothing things over.

And Miss Hawthorne is a lovely dotty old dear. I won't hear a bad word said against her (not that you offered any).

"Speaking of Torchwood, those giant hoofprints have me wondering if possibly Azal(he's the big one, right?) is related to the Beast from End of Days"

Wasn't Abaddon supposed to be related to the Beast from The Satan Pit? The Daemons get a mention there as being inspired by the Beast IIRC.

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