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Mar 12, 2007


SFX's blog has a transcript of offcuts from the interview that's published in this month's issue. I like what he says about the annual:  "It’s that important to do, to keep the consistency. It’s like when you were a kid you used to buy those famous old Doctor Who annuals that were so mad, and disconcerting, and you wouldn’t sit there on Christmas Day going, ‘Hurray! What a marvellous annual!’ I mean, they were mad!

You wanted pages full of Daleks and Cybermen and secrets of the TARDIS and things like that. And I don’t think the annual was good enough this year, to be honest - they had a reprinted comic strip in. This year they’re not going to get away with that I hope, we’ve been sending off memos. It was a lovely piece of work and it made the headlines cos it outsold The Beano; nonetheless - not good enough.  The annual was good, but it could get better. "


RTD certainly likes to keep an eye on the spin-off stuff, doesn't he (shades of JNT vetoing the 'Keys of Marinus' novelization for having the wrong colour TARDIS) and it's already well known that he thought 'Totally...' was abysmal to start with.

Though it seems when it comes to criticism of his own work and vision of the show it becomes a case of 'Nah, Nah, Nah I can't hear you!'

From reading the article...

So Russell vetoes Paul Magrs's original title for a novel The Wicked Bungalow. (It is now Sick Building.)

This is because this would be (quote) "genuinely damaging the brand" (to have a piss-take title I suppose.)

AND YET: they let Horror of Glam Rock through!

(Paul Magrs's BBC7 Eight Doctor Season episode).

I suppose that BBC7 title would slip under Russell's imaginary Times journalist's radar, unless the journalist was a fan.

I myself don't have a problem with either of Paul Magrs's titles, now, but I must say I did think "he's taking the piss!" when I first saw the title Horror of Glam Rock.

It, however, turned out to be the highlight of the BBC7 Season!

Trust in Paul Magrs Russell!

The creation of an especially good DW character can, for me, forgive nearly anything and inspire me.

I trust Paul Cornell implicitly since Bernice Summerfield, Laurence Miles for the Faction Paradox, and Paul Magrs for creating Iris Wildthyme.

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