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Mar 12, 2007

High on a hill was a lonely goatherd

The Dæmons - Episode 5

Nah. Stop messin' about.

"Yates played a solo on Benton's pink tuba."

Virgin_1 Anyone can see she's not a virgin, they're clearly backing the wrong donkey in this race. It's no good sacrificing her to your unholy mutton-based dark lord. It's not going to work, and you'll not be able to return her unless she's in resalable condition. Why not go for that Mr Benton? Bet he's still a virgin. If you don't count that time in the communal showers when Yates played a solo on Benton's pink tuba. And no-one does since the failed court marshal.

"Thank Christ the BBC lost the sixth episode."

And four and a half episodes into a five episode story the Master utters the immortal line, "Ah Doctor. I've been expecting you". You don't fucking say?! In what's becoming something like a cross between a Church of England recruitment video meets Charmed, via the Sound of Music, we at least get some indignant Third Doctor verses Master action. One of the only reason why anyone's still watching. It's not for the remainder of the dialogue, as the Doctor describes Hitler as a bounder. Probably a cad to boot. And more than likely played by Peter Bowles.

Bok After Azal's left in utter confusion regarding the virginal status, or otherwise, of Jo Grant it's left to Bok to sum up the whole sorry mess by simply going all hard.

I thought someone said this was a classic? Thank Christ the BBC lost the sixth episode...

The Bumper Book of Made Up Doctor Who Facts has this to say about part 5 of The Dæmons: racked by guilt in his later years, following the mistreatment of many Gothic architectural features during the filming of The Daemons, Guy Leopold's last will and testament stated that his entire fortune should be donated to the Holborn home for discarded gargoyles, whilst his last wish was that his body be cast in stone and mounted as such a feature above Milo's XXX Books and Lubricants, Soho.


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