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Mar 10, 2007


LOCATION: Dingy church basement
MOOD: O.O;;;;;;

Everything got v. exciting today but I was down in stuffy cavern with pongy goat man and missed all the fireworks outside. Dust v. also bad for sinuses. When I asked Doctah afterwards what happened, said he would explain later. V. annoying, bet he never does this with other assistants. Tried to escape while Master was laughing but got stopped by gargle. Dishy Mike Yates' gun not working, either gargle was bulletproof or Yates was firing blanks. Yates then tied up by rough men in black, happens to him a lot. Master wanted to sacrifice me instead of chicken but was going to be v. v. disappointed if he thought I was a virgin. Screamed and cried a lot because white gown looked really horrid and clashed with my boots.

Outside, Spotty Osgood was still fiddling with thermic vibrator while Doctah was playing with his gadgetbox. Not fair, everyone having lots of fun except me. I'll give them violent emotions when we get back to HQ. Brig ordered Osgood to switch thermic vibrator on. Daemon staggered around and looked v. v. uncomfortable so vibrator must have been working. POONIT then drove through barrier but thermic vibrator went bang because Spotty Osgood came too late with it, should take it back to shops for refund.

Jo14 Gargle started zapping people but Doctah gave it the slip and came in to rescue me. Tried to shout at him where had he been but Master and Doctah and Daemon all v. v. louder, surprised church didn't fall down. Then POONIT turned up and wasted more bullets that don't work on stone gargles. Brig ordered five rounds rapid and didn't share them with anyone, the big piggy.

Daemon said man was a failure, Doctah said no and tried to talk daemon out of destroying the world but did v. v. bad job of it. Wouldn't want Doctah on school debating team. Master claimed ultimate power but Doctah then made mistake of saying Hitler and lost due to Godwin's Law, so two-nil. Doctah even refused ultimate power when he could have done good things for mankind like world peace and ending famine and more soaps and England winning Wimbledon for a change, v. selfish. Not looking good, was getting v. fed up with everyone shouting so jumped in front to tell everyone to shut up, in hindsight worst move ever. But daemon went and blew a fuse from own power, Doctah calls this something like a deuce ex McEnroe.

Jo15 Then church fell down. Brig now happy cos something blew up with v. v. v. big bang and didn't cost him anything. Didn't know what happened but Doctah thinks Daemon couldn't understand why I'm still hired cos I can't run and can't see. Bald patch, dandruff AND nits. POONIT rounded up Mickey Master club, Master tried to escape but Bessie's gadgetbox brought him back and POONIT carted Master off while everyone booed. Gadgetbox used so many times it's silly, wouldn't get away with that again.

So happy ending and all smiles. Miss Horseface roped Benton into doing fertility dance calling it a Mayday miracle that she could still pull someone. Made Doctah join in with me while Yates and brig decided on five rounds rapid in pub with their own special ceremony. Doctah sez there's magic in the world after all, it's all about love and hope and team spirit and good will and happiness. Actually that sounds v. soppy, probably wouldn't get away with that again either.

Bye bye,

- Jo



THANKS FOR THE ADD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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