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Mar 15, 2007

Fart gags, sex swaps and non-fans.

278 As we build up to Comic Relief night, and addressing a late comer to the Stripped Down 5 party, I've dug out a couple of interesting quotes from an article by Alan Barnes, in DWM #278. He's talking to Steven Moffatt:

'I suggest that this version - Ninth Doctor, companion and fiancée, multiple regenerations, Time Lord sex swaps, fart gags - might, if it were not for its charitable status, be considered completely outrageous. You're getting away with murder, I say. Steven grins. "Who says we'll get away with it? We'll probably get lynched - I'll be lured to a Doctor Who convention and hanged for many, many blasphemies."'

And Moffatt on the suggestion of if/when Doctor Who comes back:

'"And while I would love to be involved in such a project, I think you probably need people who are not fans... I think non-fans should make an awful lot of the artistic decisions about it. And dispose of the notion of canon once and for all, I suspect, because every creative team which takes over should be left to do their own version."'


Oh that's format is fantastic -- now I will have to write something for tomorrow.

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