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Mar 07, 2007

Caught on Film

Coming soon to a podcast near you (if we can edit out the libellous bits).

(Thanks to Simon Scott for these images which can also be seen at Bentham and Wood)

The other interviewees must remain shrouded in mystery at the present time. 

But neither of them were Colin Baker.


I recognise Bentham, but who's the bearded guy? Not to mention the Christopher Dean lookalike loking bored in the corner?

And, more importantly, why does Damon look like Les from 'Vic Reeves' Big Night Out'?

Sorry to compare you to comedy stooges, Damon!

And I'm still puzzled - Ian who? Tat Wood I of course know for his marvellous 'About Time' books (I'm trawling through 66-69 right now) so how did you manage to get this scoop? Do tell more...

Is the future of the podcasts to hold mini-conventions with Who-fan luminaries in pubs? How much does Bentham charge for an hour's worth of reminiscing how he wrote the entire first 50 issues of 'Doctor Who Weekly'? And did you ask Tat Wood what Lawrence Miles was on when he accused Mark Gatiss of being a member of the BNP in writing 'The Unquiet Dead'?

And more importantly, when do I get involved in all this..?

Ian's a friend of mine (and of Tachyon) who's known Tat and Jeremy for a very long time and helped us set up the little chats we had.

The plan was just to get some interviews, but the Fitzroy is a very small pub and was absolutely heaving so the conversations ended up with a convivial crowd gathered around.

I can't possibly comment about what Lawrence Miles is on - the Tachyon lawyers are looking at it now.

Tat and Jeremy were both lovely and free.

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