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Feb 22, 2007

Zarbi Trauma

The Web Planet 6: The Centre

Never stand in front of a loaded larvae gun.  At least I've learned something from these episodes, although I didn't have to learn the lesson quite as harshly as poor old Hroster.  When I recently watched this episode for one of the Tachyon TV podcasts I hadn't seen it for years and was weak with hysteria during the "Zarbi...eeeech!" scenes.  But now, after watching the five episodes that preceded it, I've become positively blase about the madness.  Barbara defeats the Animus with a boule, and the whole thing dwindles into anti-climax.  I mean if the Doctor and Vicki can fall asleep during the episode then I don't see why I can't catch the odd 40 winks now and again.

See you via T-Mat.


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