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Feb 28, 2007

"Timelash"? Freakin' "TIMELASH"?!

To paraphrase All The President's Men, the fallout from the Timelash implications continues. One of the best rants so far is this meltdown from SFX's Ian Berriman:

""Timelash"?!? Not "The Seeds of Doom"? Or "Kinda"? Or "The Silurians"? Or "The Deadly Assassin"? Or even, if they simply must release a Colin Baker story (and god knows why, there can't be much demand...) "Attack of the Cybermen"? It'll be "The Twin Dilemma" and "Time and the Rani" next... If that happens, I'm organising a protest march. Who's with me?"

That link's worth visiting for the ensuing flame war.  Elsewhere:

Simon: " Someone over at 2Entertain must be on crack."

Loveandgarbage: "Timelash includes the finest example of "I'll explain later" before Curse of the fatal death; tinsel is used to devastating effect; the Bandrils - everyone's favourite alien race discuss grain supplies or some other agrarian delight (I have tried to wipe it from memory); a plot device is used in relation to  the episodes ubervillain The Borad which effectively ruins a much more explicable use of the same plot device in the following story - Saward's LOved One tribute, Revelation of the Daleks..."


Look, they have to release it sometime. May as well get it over and done with. They should make 2007 the year of shite releases:

Season 2 with David Tennant

Hopefully, in the second half of this year we'll see Horns of Nimon, Invasion of the Dinosaurs and Underworld.

I nominate the Barry Letts boxset of The Time Monster and Planet Of The Spiders.

There is no topic more boring than the DW DVD release schedule.

As all the stories are readily available anyway, generally in perfectly watchable form, the need to have a particular story brought out on DVD and somehow honoured in the process boils down to nothing more than a desperate desire to see another RT 45 minute documentary and hear some more of Ayres' skillful flanging.

Nice to have when they turn up, but otherwise who cares?

To quote Faith No More:
"We care a lot!"

Especially with UKTV Gold generally avoiding Classic Who these days.

One aspect of the release schedule that I think will generate controversy will be the gradual division of all the serials into either Special Edition or Standard.

Each year there will be one DVD boxset, five Special Edition DVDs and four Standard DVDs apparently.

Fandom will be raging.

"Destiny of the Daleks? Not Special Edition? Outrageous!"

The release of Timelash, now the second most famous Doctor Who anagram (after Torchwood), is maybe a way of easing fandom into this new situation (following the Standard two-parter Sontaran Experiment DVD.) There is a consensus around Timelash, to put it mildly.

Although it does now mean the "Time of the 80s" DVD boxset will now not be released:
Timeflight/ Timelash/ Time and the Rani.

From Steve Manfred's DVD infomation site:


At the recent Gallifrey convention in Los Angeles, Steve Roberts of the BBC Restoration Team spoke about the intentions of the DVD producers in the UK for the classic series range. Of particular note were these items:

- There is to be an emphasis on completing seasons, so that a complete box set of those seasons can also be released. Therefore, expect to see more stories from seasons that are already well-represented in an effort to finish those ones off.

- In addition to the usual 3-disc box set once-a-year, there will also be occasional 2-story sets. The stories may either be back-to-back in the chronology of the episodes, or they may be set some distance apart but with some linking element between them. (If they do come from a distance apart, they will be released with their own separate cases within the box so that they can still be stored chronologically on your shelf.)

- By picking up the pace of release like this, they hope to have the entirety of the classic series (missing episodes excepted) in release by 2012."

The next few release are fitting that plan. Releasing Survival, Robot and Timelash leaves only one story from each of these seasons:

Season 12: Revenge of the Cybermen
Season 22: Attack of the Cybermen
Season 26: Battlefield

My guess is that the first 2 story box set will be a Cyberman one.

Yes, all that, but given the propensity for the dvd releases to be connected somehow to the television series, does this mean we can look forward to the return of The Bandrils?

The release schedules skewiff anyway -- with the The Beginning and Lost In Time there have only been three Hartnell releases. I'm expecting The Chase for the annual Dalek release.

>Especially with UKTV Gold generally avoiding Classic Who these days.

Does this have any relevance now though?

Surely most Who fans will have recorded them off UK Gold anyway or will have the VHS releases? Or probably both.

And even if not, if you have broadband, or have a friend who has broadband it is pretty easy to get hold of stuff you are missing if there is an emergency. Like reviewing them for a communal blog...cough...say no more...

I would buy a Twin Dilemma DVD, if only for the commentary track.

Embarrassed silences, horror at the outfits, Colin struggling mightily to convince us how good it is, Moffat unable to remember a single thing again...love it.

Sometime ago I remembered reading postings asking which past villains would be revived. Only Adam Stone saw what is now inevitable http://tachyontv.typepad.com/waiting_for_christopher/2006/07/10_more_questio.html#comment-19986712 .

"I would buy a Twin Dilemma DVD, if only for the commentary track"

Me too. Especially the bit where Colin remembers a recent convention experience where some "idiot" gave him a fanzine that slagged it off...

We could let them have a PDF of the relevant fanzine pages to illustrate his comments. Great DVD extra.

John Williams:
(In response to your 15:24 comment.)

Not every Who fan has been collecting the VHS since 1986's Revenge of the Cybermen!

I get your point, (a good point well made), but the crowd of fandom has increased in the past few years, whether with people introduced to DW by RTD, or with people whose passion has returned with DW's return to our screens.

Excellent idea. Better yet, do a podcast, and submit it as a Fan Commentary extra.

Neil's right that they've all got to be done sometime. And as for Hartnell releases, perhaps they're waiting for more episodes to turn up, or they might be animating some (If so, I'm rooting for Tenth Planet). If they can, and they're up for releasing boxsets, then they might go for "The Beginning 2", with The Keys of Marinus, The Aztecs, and The Sensorites, with The Reign of Terror part animated.

Complete series, eh? That'll probably mean a Frontier In Space / Planet Of The Daleks double-set before too long to finish that particular one off. They can colourise the black and white PotD episode(s) without much difficulty.

An E-Space Trilogy boxset is probably on the cards as well, which would just leave Meglos outstanding from Season 18.

I hope Matthew is right in the respect that we'll soon see the completion of Seasons; 7, 10, 12, and 14... but does this mean that we'll get the remainder of Season 19 before we see anything from Season 11?

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