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Feb 27, 2007

Time just skipped a groove.

Something strange just happened. I'm sure that when I started watching

The Seeds of Death Episode 4

it was 8 o'clock, yet when I finished it was 9. This was without going for any breaks or anything, somehow I lost half an hour. I'll be wondering about that all week.

The pod explodes and poisons everyone. Only joking, only one person dies. Which leads one to wonder why they consider the gas to be such a threat, if it ould be exhumed from a confined space after exposing four people to it for several minutes, while only causing one fatality. Alright, so if it killed a quarter of the population of Earth, there'd be a problem. For a start, government figures would be thrown completely out of whack. But given that a large dose could only kill one in four, what damage is the same amount going to do when exposed to the whole of London's air? They're probably looking at less than one death. Realistically, they should all have been killed to preserve the realism, or they should have conveniently left the room so that unneccesary characters could have died from the exposure. Boy, I've been watching too much 24.

So it looks like the good Doctor is to be shut out into space. Oh, well, if there's a Resurrection Ship nearby, he has nothing to worry about. Oh, right, wrong show. It's alright, it was probably just to give Patrick Troughton a holiday. "Look mum, no face!". But where's he gone? A simple conjuring trick, no doubt. Even the great Li'Hsen Chang would have difficulty mastering that trick. Meanwhile, on Earth it seems that those seeds were actually quite useful, having killed already hundreds, maybe thousands, and is turning into organic vegetation. Wait, is this War of the Worlds? Invaders from Mars, coming down to Earth, pods arriving all over the planet, unleashing a plant life that covers everything, susceptible to the Earth's climate?

The Ice Warrior beams down and wanders straight out, killing one out of the three remaining! Again, they are very selective. Perhaps they don't want Eldred and Radnor clogging up their chilly afterlife. Conveniently they leave alive the two most important people on the project. Now it goes for a nice walk in the forest, where one of the disposable soldiers decides that running out from behind the tree and waiting to be shot is what his training taught him.

Now comes one of my earlier memories of Who: Zoe walking subtly in front of a bright white screen and NOT BEING NOTICED! I mean, come on! How blind is that Ice Warrior? I know he's got a lot of make up and that helmet? head? obscuring his view, but surely he'd have seen her before she reached the controls? I always wondered why she was shot but didn't die, but I guess it wasn't her who was shot, it was her friend in the vent. Soooooo confusing.

Meanwhile, did anyone see Recovery? Very good, and my father reliably informs me that Patrick Troughton once starred in a TV drama where he played a man recovering from amnesia or some such thing. Quite a nice thought, that they should be connected that way.

The Bumper Book of Made-Up Doctor Who Facts has this to say about The Seeds of Death: Nothing. Well, they didn't come up with anything original, why should I?


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