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Feb 27, 2007

Seedy or what?

The Seeds of Death Episode 3

Well, another day, another episode. The Doc Posse (Any better?) are up a space creek without a paddle, no way to find their way to the moon, and the only person they can get hold of is trapped in a room escaping from little green men. The Ice Warriors show themselves once all the work has been done fixing T Mat, and two unneccesary extras fail to understand the phrase "Don't move!". They appear on the moonbase from nowhere just to get killed off. That must have been a productive day.Vlcsnap341046

The Doctor's rocket, or, shall we say, Docket for short, is locking onto a signal from the moon to help them find their way. Why they couldn't just ask him to plug the homing signal back in is beyond me. Instead the Doctor and Jamie spend their time feeling Zoe up, or possibly trying to deliver a baby. Then Zoe gives Jamie a lesson in "Pushing a button - for Dummies", and sets off to examine the ship.

Generic Brave Woman To Compensate For Generic Coward is standing up to the Ice Warriors, and told that she will obey instructions or die. The Doctor is seeking out the Rebel Hiding From The Enemy Who Has The Power To Kill The Enemy. They agree that they must burn their bridges to avoid the monsters getting across them, little realising that their canoe has sprung a leak (Or, if produced by BBC Wales, a leek). Then the Doctor runs. This is perhaps the only splotch on Patrick Troughton's record as a Doctor: when he runs he looks ridiculous. Fine, it keeps the atmosphere cheery, but it's quite offputting for the tension created. Then he goes into a lovely little speech which I absolutely adore, where he "gives in" to the Ice Warriors, and actually pleads for his life, which none of the other Docs ever did.

Big Chief Ice Warrior Not-Running Water is having a nice chat with Fewsham when The Doctor is brought in, and stands asking some awkward questions RE: Invasion of Earth. Then this bubble of assorted Bullseyes is brought out and Just Patrick can't resist having a grab at one. So he tricks Generic Coward into distracting the Ice Sentry from his misgivings. However, the warrior catches him, and as a friendship gesture offers Just Patrick one. However, before he can take a bite, it explodes, and the Hubert Lane-ites jump out and say "Chortle, chortle!".

And, guess what? There's one on its way to Earth control, and suddenly T Mat isn't a luxury, it's going to save millions of lives, all of which are in jeopardy while it is out of action. So when a mysterious ball appears, what do they do? They grab hold of it. Because that's the smart thing to do. An unexplained object comes down from the moon, and in true Doctor Who style, they endanger the entire planet for curiousity's sake, and go to it.

Despite many jibes at the predictability and routine the serial has, I'm really enjoying it. Contrast this, which is, when broken down, unimaginitive and generic, with the Web Planet, which no-one can argue was original and cleverly thought up. Instead, this is the one that shines. Fancy that.



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