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Feb 06, 2007

Meet the Authors: Paul Songer

Img_0082res_1 I guess it's about time to post one of these. Especially as I intend to take part in Stripped Down Five.

Age: 31

Location: Peterborough, Cambs, UK

Homepage: Two (when i found out Firefox did that) Peterborough Local News and the online Government simulator Nation States

Earliest Dr Who memory: It was the Krotons, but from the "Five faces of Doctor Who" season. The bit with the acid jets and the umbrella!

Favourite Doctor Who TV Story of all-time: Blimey, urm probably Talons of Weng Chiang

And on the opposite end of the spectrum: God don't make me watch "Twin Dilemma"

Favourite Doctor: Oddly its now Ecclescakes who took the crown from McCoy (late version)

Favourite Companion: Nyssa, I'll be her daddy :D <cough> moving swiftly on.

Favourite Doctor Who Novel: Cooo its been a while, "The Left Handed Hummingbird"

Favourite Doctor Who Audio: Never listened to many, I guess its Genesis.

Favourite Doctor Who Website:  Predictably Outpost Gallifrey

Favourite non-Who Website:  This Urban Exploration site has my eye at the moment

Favourite Film: The Crow, Unforgiven.

Favourite TV Show: Lost, Heroes

I enjoy listening to: Anything. Got a soft spot for some Metal though.

I enjoy reading: Ohhh Pratchett, King, Koontz you know the classics!

Other sci-fi I enjoy: NOT Galactica, Heroes floats my boat and I'm looking forward to Primeval.

Thing that irritates me the most:
The whole Vacuum Cleaner - Hoover thing. It's a brand name dammit.
The whole "Gay Agenda"
Female weather forcasters that seem to be constantly pregnant.
The DRM nonsense in files I have paid for that stop me playing it on my MP3 player simply because it is a cheap one!

Favourite joke: Sorry its very crude!

Guilty Pleasures: Doctors (the TV show) and chocolate.

Reasons for Blogging: Summat to do 'innit


The whole gay agenda in Doctor Who? Or just the whole gay agenda in general?

In doctor who more then anything, I don't have anything against homosexuality but there is a time and a place.

I don't want it continually shoved in my face.

e.g. Jack being Bisexual as a concept = ok
Jack copping of with another Jack in the middle of a 40's dance floor at a time when it was illegal to be gay and for no explainable reason = an otherwise reasonable story ruined

To be fair, you are correct, the story between the 'two Jacks' did seem to come out of the blue. It didnt ruin the episode for me as it was well acted by both men, and was somewhat touching.

Regarding the unexplained reason, perhaps lust, attraction? A desire to be with someone? Torchwood Jack took an exceptional amount of interest in WW2 Jack, perhaps it stirred something in WW2 Jack to reciprocate... Possible ideas anyhow.

I will also assume you dont mean anything untoward with the comments e.g. I don't want it continually shoved in my face.

Torchwood was always based around 'alleged' adult themes and I am pretty sure it was made clear it would feature scenes of a 'homosexual' nature at some point (might I add very tame scenes, so much so, I feel it was a bit of a cop out).

Things are never shoved in our faces, you can change channel, to use an old argument.

Funny how no one complains about the much more graphic gay scenes in 'Greeks Bearing Gifts'. Wonder why that is?

Crikey, I didn't realise I was being so controversial.

Why has nobody sprung to the defence of Female Weather Forecasters as well?

Meteorological whores, the lot of them! All warm fronts and mizzle...

yeah urm Primeval.

hmmm Written from the big book of scifi cliches, someone tell them dinosaurs are so last decade.

I'm hoping at some point there will be an enemy otherwise the monster of the week stuff could get very dull very quickly.

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