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Feb 26, 2007

Little Green Men

The Seeds of Death: Episode 2

So, there's Ice Warriors on the moon. and they'll kill without hesitation. One man escapes, and Generic Coward pleas for his life. Eldred is being convinced to get his rocket ready by the government people.

For a futuristic government project, there aren't many people involved, are there? There's the five who were on the moon, and the ten or so at the base. So few that only two can leave to try and prepare the rocket they need to rescue those people? Must be a futuristic Torchwood, all visions of grandeur and government funding, but so important that they can't actually hire anyone for fear that the general public will find out about the secret organization that everyone already knows about. If in Episode 3 Jamie asks Gia Kelly for a quick shag inside the T-Mat booth, you'll know I'm right.

Zoe makes the very good point to Jamie that they can't use the TARDIS to get to the moon because it probably wouldn't get there. I adore this aspect of the first two Doctors: no control over where they go, and no way of using the TARDIS for quick nips to the supermarket. It's got to be the slow path, I'm afraid! Here's to the slow path.

So, instead they offer to fly the rocket. Then comes the message over the intercom from the monotone voice that gradually increases in pitch (Is it still monotone if it changes in pitch? You know what I mean). Is it meant to be automated? Very advanced if it is. Otherwise the guy on the other end must be a very dull man.

Back on Lunar, the guy who ran off earlier is hiding from the Ice Warrior who has come for a quick wander, and sees a handily labelled "Solar Amplifier". Presumably the Ice Warriors must be cold in close proximity, because he realises the need to heat them without an introduction or handshake.

The Doctor, Zoe and Jamie are getting ready to go even though Jamie is excess weight. This just goes to show how much like Torchwood this team are, prepared to risk the lives of all three of them because they're scared to say no to an angry Scotsman. Much more sensible to the woman, but Radnor's got a crush on her.

Generic Coward is learning all about the Ice Warriors' plan to take over the Earth, and it's not hard to spot a Generic Coward-Turned-Hero in the works, easily a candidate for the "Sacrifice life for the good of the Earth after being a key instrument in the near destruction of the entire human race" Award, commonly known as the Chang Lee Cross. (Battlestar Galactica has had Gaius Baltar in the runnings for the award for the last 3 years)

The rocket launches fine, but then smoke starts pouring out of the machinery as the ship heads towards the moon. All they've got to do is get to the moon, where there's a lovely young woman going to be waiting for them, having just T-Matted up to help with the troubles, unaware that there's big green things just waited to jump out and attack! Meanwhile, one of them is having a Wicked Witch of the West moment (I'm melting!) and the Solar thingummy-whatsit uses the power that would be going to the homing signal! How will the Doc Flock (I thought they needed a collective name. I'll work on it.) get there safely now?


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