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Feb 28, 2007

Down to Earth

I would like to start out saying I have loved watching this episode. It gripped me all the way through.

I just thought I'd mention that to start with.

The Seeds of Death Episode 5

Why on earth is Zoe just standing in front of the screen waiting to be shot? Still, Fewsham is prepared to help at last. Zoe runs off to tell the others (including the Doctor, clearly back from holidays this week) that the Ice Warriors are melting and they can get back to Earth. Down on Earth, Torchwood Earth Control are getting a visit from Mr Saxon their boss, who has some questions (and keeps scratching his stomach, not very professional!), and is waiting for the report from them. He wants to know where the creature from Outer Space is from. Turns out he's just off down to the chemist for a packet of fags, then he's off to the Weather Centre (believability being stretched a bit, especially by the controls marked "dry", "dry", "dry", and "dry").

The Doctor has a wonderful attitude to it alVlcsnap70344l. "I think this could be quite fun, you know." Wonderful. Quite why he expects the Ice Warriors to be back when the temperature would melt them now is beyond me, nonetheless, he hurries the others along, so he can have the place to himself and throw some sexy parties. Ice Slightly Above The Other Warriors Warrioris alive, god knows how. This scene is wonderfully effective. The camera angles, the lighting, the performances, they are just so chilling! I earlier made a comparison to Steven Speilberg's work, and I believe even he would find it difficult to pull off this scene as well. You find out exactly what the Ice Warriors are planning, but have no idea what Fewsham is thinking, all you can tell is that he's terrified. Excellent work Michael Ferguson, you're a true star.

Back on Earth, Zoe and Jamie are enjoying some Space Slushies, and getting the low-down from Gia, and the Doctor is putting himself in mortal danger from the pods. He decides to throw a load of things over one, and surprise surprise, there's a simple solution in the works. Water. I mentioned last time the connection to War of the Worlds, and it's borne out again as it turns out that a natural aspect of the Earth's atmosphere will destroy the vegetation covering the Earth.

Meanwhile, back on the Sanctuary Base, the Ice Controller (who I'm sure must have been played by a woman, otherwise he's got a very strange stance) is explaining to Mr Bond exactly what the diabolical plan he concocted with Goldfinger is. In the Weather Centre, Jamie's kilt becomes very noticeable for the first time as they race to find the machine. Alas, they can't use it, because some silly person has taken the labels off, so now no-one can use it in case they use the wrong "dry" lever!

The Ice Lord appears, and he has a nasty bout of Chicken Pox. While he is giving his stirring speech of "This may not be the end, this may not even be the beginning of the end, but perhaps it is the end of episode five" Fewsham flicks on the Webcam, so that all across the world voyeurs can tune in to watch the private shinanegans of "Ice" and his Frozen Family: In Colour! He manages to cleverly weedle the information that Earth needs out of the Warriors, but the Ice Leader sees the hidden camera, and so the whole show is busted before Jeremy Beadle has a chance to jump out. Ah well, they probably would have just shot him anyway. Shame he didn't jump out, really.

Fewsham finally stands up to the Ice Warriors, and gets shot. So, there's a lesson for all you kids out there, don't stand up for yourselves, or you'll get shot.

I never really noticed Patrick Troughton's huge sideburns. Mind you, they're gone in the next scene, so I suppose they are a bit hit and miss. I wonder if that'll be the repeating meme behind Series 3, the Time Lord's sideburns keep disappearing and reappearing.

The Doctor is furiously beating at the door, and only the Warrior overhears, and goes to let him in. He may be a ruthless killer, but he's not so rude as to leave someone knocking at the door. Meanwhile, the Doctor has been using too much Head and Shoulders, and it's all going to cover him, causing an over use that'll make his hair fall out! Oh, no, a bald Doctor! What a cliffhanger!

I'm loving it. Aren't you?


James, that Terry Scully image bizzarely looks exactly like Tenth (complete with quiff) goggling at an Ice Warrior...

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