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Jan 02, 2007


At last, I can finally say Russell T Davies has created a successful piece of television. There were flaws, yes. There was pointless character development, yes. There were unnecessary spectacles designed to look good without any relation to the plot, yes. But it didn't matter. This wasn't one for the grown ups, this wasn't meant to be a fully coherent show, any more than Balamory has continuity. I don't expect we'll ever get any explanation to her sonic screwdriver or her "Mr Smith", but it doesn't matter. The kids won't care.

So anyway, I quite enjoyed it for what it was. Lis Sladen was as utterly superb as ever, and it was interesting to see how K9 would be written out, given the strange setting for his own series. The other performance that held the show was Thomas Knight's Luke. It was an interesting way of giving Sarah a tie to the place, and of giving her a bond to the other characters across generations. It is possible that he was just wooden, but his portrayal was absolutely on the nail. Anyway, well done to him.

Samantha Bond gave a very bizarre performance, but it worked. Oh, what the hell, "They've all done very well" as Young Mr Grace might say.

The writing is very clever, and while the plot might be a bit dumb, the scripting is intelligent and very compatible with the characters. The only issue I have with the script is the connection to DW, which seems slightly overdone, and a lot of the time references seem slightly crowbarred in, like the references to Rose in The Runaway Bride. Still, they were marginally more subtle this time, so it didn't matter as much.

Apparently that alien at the start was the same as Mary from Torchwood. Is it right to connection a 10 pm BBC3 show with a 5 pm BBC1 show? Just a thought.

So in closing, I probably won't be tuning in next series, but I believe that RTD has hit his niche. I don't know if he was taking more time over this than his DW episodes, but he has done a cracking job this time.

The Bumper Book of Made Up Doctor Who Facts has this to say about The Sarah Jane Adventures: The next series will feature yet more connections to the rest of the Whoniverse: K9 will send a time-telegram from 30,000 years in the future, Rose will speak via hologram from her alternative universe, and Jack will come to Bannerman Road to shag Sarah Jane, believing her to be the Doctor in disguise.


SJA manages to be a proper kid's show, whereas Torchwood falls all over the place as a so-called adult series. My elder god-daughter loved it (she's 12).

Really enjoyed your comments on "Countrycide". Feel free to peruse my own on "End of Days" at http://stevegreen.livejournal.com/45079.html

My word you go for it there! Despite haing given up on the show 7 episodes ago, I went back for the last episode, and found the same drivel as from Cyberwoman and Countrycide. A plot that is so ridden with holes that it would make Sam Beckett's mind seem coherent, and dialogue so simple that it wouldn't be out of place in Balamory. Except for the swearing, which might be reserved for Balamory:After Hours.

I also caught the end of episode 12. What on Caprica was happening there? I assumed that they might take that episode (The fourth time related episode of the series) to answer some questions, and basically to cover either before The Empty Child or after Parting of the Ways. Plenty of opportunity to cover those, but instead they go for creating more canon issues with bad scripting to boot.

Still, the end was a relief. At least we know that Jack will definitely be coming back.

*cough cough bit torrent cough cough*
I'm feeling shaky and nervous since I can't track down the BT's I need to catch up with SJA and TW.

I used to pay my license fee! Does that count?

I finally saw it, and thought it was great. I really enjoyed it. I'm not even going to think about picking nits.

I'm going to watch it again before I review it. I had all sorts of nits to pick, but looking at all the comments, few of them seem relevant and many come from me being far too much of a smartarse on first viewing - rather like the podcast to Love & Monsters.

I want to be sure and blog the show in the right frame of mind.

"Apparently that alien at the start was the same as Mary from Torchwood. Is it right to connection a 10 pm BBC3 show with a 5 pm BBC1 show? Just a thought."

It would be hopelessly naive of Russel to assume that none of his viewers had seen any of Torchwood, since parents would also be watching this one, but he wisely keeps such continuity to a minimum. if anything, SJA views like an apology to the kids for not being able to watch Jack in his own show; it cross-references the old Who for the sake of adult nostalgia, but aside from one oblique line about 'other secret organisations that tend to go in with guns blazing', there's no direct refrerence to Torchwood at all - in fact Sarah Jane says the line specifically to distance herself from them.

SJA was a joy! And a wonderful recap of the successful effects the Mill has concocted over the past few seasons. The 'rather fit' single dad across the street will make for some fun bits for SJ and the adult viewers. Bravo to the crew who put this together; if the whole seasons of SJA is as good as this episode, it will more than make up for the season of misery over at the Hub.

Hello, I live in Shanghai and has been a great fan of Doctor Who. I caught up with SJA several days ago and was immediately hooked up with the show. The series, though originally aimed at children, is surprisingly delightful and thrilling to adults as well. Main characters are well developed so far. The only drawback is that the background music is so loud as to drown conversations at times, which makes it difficult to hear and understand.

By the way, I am a Chinese and use English as a second language.

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