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Dec 25, 2006

Triple Helpings

Season Three, Sarah Jane and the Torchwood finale - all trailered at once. I feel some indigestion coming on...

Season Three really has got me all excited. Runaway Bride has got things off to a great start in its own whimsical Christmas-throwaway fashion - daft as a brush, self-referential up its own arse (not bloody Torchwood again) suitably seasonally expensive - though now I'm left wondering what they're going to use for cheap fillers in its wake to save money later on - but above all, funny. Even Catherine Tate was bearable. Seriously though, shouty, serious Tenth Doctor can't be bad; not a trace of smugness and - in the new season trailer at least - no sign of that goddamn sonic-screwdriver.

They saved that for the Sarah Jane preview, 'cos now she's got her own. And K-9. School Reunion be damned; Sarah Jane just can't let go, and aren't we all the better for it.

And now we have some idea of the Big Bad Thingy In The Dark that's chasing Jack. And doesn't it look WICK. Come on, it's just The Beast all over again, isnt it! Typically nick-an-idea-and-overblow-it Chibnall, in other words. Shame, as the rest of the season closer actually looks suitably mysterious and rather good - for once the 'Apocalypse' might live up to the show's premise....


They've turned the Sontarans into Rhinos! What the hell is that all about?

I sorta enjoyed Runaway Bride. The bit where the Doc said "Gallifrey" I felt a shiver go down my spine. It was a bit too silly in places though but thankfully Tennant seems to have toned things down a bit and Tate was actually very good. Perhaps I should have drank a little bit more.

Anyway, I can't believe I'm actually saying this but roll on April...

I've had a few festive brews, but I think that piece of Doctor Who would have hit all the same wonderful buttons if I had been stone cold sober...

I've been on a Fourth Doctor diet recently, and Runaway Bride still had me raptuous.

Given that Sontarans are all genetically-engineered clones, they can look like whatever the hell they want, I suppose. Stocky, heavy, wrinkly, densely-packed and muscular; I reckon as an analogy it'll work.

So long as they don't have cockney accents that is. :)

Are they really Sontarons or bigger brothers of the pig in AOL.

My first thought in between family questions as the preview ran was that they were Cybermen.

My daughter is convinced as the sequence ended that Eccles was back in it.

I'm going to a recording of Jim'll Fix It in January (seriously!) - maybe they're remaking a Fix with the Sillurians too? ;)

Regarding His Eccleston-ness:

The trailer is online here:


There's a guy with a close-crop that looks, at first glance, suspiciously like Our Ninth at 22 seconds and 42 seconds!

Make that:


I thought that was Ecclestone as well.

Same here, looks like his Eccs-ness to me. Also the chap at the end looks a bit like Peter Davison (although he doesn't sound like him much). It can't be though, can it?

You mean Mark Gatiss?

"You mean Mark Gatiss?"

I for one have not consumed enough booze today to mistake MG & PD.

Another hour or two's time maybe.

If the ninth people are reporting is the bloke in the leather jacket who grabs someone from behind around the neck - I've just watched it in slo-mo and, no, 'fraid it isn't...

On several freeze-frame attempts, he looks a bit young and rounded for Eccers. Not that you can really tell, since "Martha" looks as though she's grinning away happily in the same frame. And I have a decent monitor/display card combination.

With Sky+ on a 27" TV you can definatly tell, and no, it isn't Ninth.

Besides which, if it was, don't you thnk they would've made sure we could see properly?

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