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Dec 30, 2006

iWho Podcast: The Runaway Bride

Xmaspod_1 "How Very Dare They!"

Tachyon TV
present an alternative commentary track to The Runaway Bride

Extra features up for discussion in our very last podcast include
: Murray Gold's 'Peter and the Wolf' obsession, Catherine Tate plays Pol Pot, the sonic screwdriver drinking game, the subtle complexities of '55 Degrees North', static spiders and Sarah Parish steals Graham Crowden's crown. With sincere apologies to Jeff Wayne and David Essex.

The podcast is available from the usual place


"Murray's major inspirations were Peter & The Wolf and fucking Bod."


"Special effects by Ray Hammyhausen."

More like Ray Hammy-Hamster.

Wonderful. Sorry to see the regular podcasts end, but thanks for the many laughs this year.

Looking forward to seeing what you're going to do next.

Best wishes for the New Year.

You've got to come back. Please. I'm reduced to downloading Fighting Talk from Radio 5 for a comedy fix.

And Outpost Gallifrey is about to start podcasts. I bet they won't even do jokes; and they'll be all foreign.

Yes, we saw OG was moving into DW podcasts. Wonder where they got that idea? Anyway, podcasts are just soooooo 2006.

There will be both audio and video material at some point this year. Comedy gold is being spun by our deft hands. Possibly.

Heh... "all foreign." Well, at least it won't be like Big Finish doing american voices(stand up, Minuet in Hell). That's about as bad as Americans doing a "british accent" (read: mangled RP).

Thanks for the news John.

Salem, I thought Minuet in Hell was set in Ayrshire when I first heard the accents. I'm Scottish with a pronounced brrrogue - we've had to get used to our own actors, plus Liam Neeson and Mel Gibson mangling the accent... ;-)

Don't tell anyone, Scott, but it's an Irish conspiracy. Liam being one of course, and Mel's not, but they snuck an Irish character into the movie as sorta blowing a raspberry at Scotland. Watch all sorts of Scots-related things, you'll see an Irishman taking the piss out of em somewhere.

Sounds interesting John. Looking forward to the brave new world of Tachyon TV and Damon's take on the blog.

The "Scottish" character in Lost is clearly using a clean American-Irish accent, nothing like a SCottish brogue.

OG are doing podcasts now? Ah well, talent borrows, felony steals.

See, toldja Flick.

Aren't you Scots, btw?

Re: the OG podcasts, fears realised: it's Podshock - 3 hours of rambling Doctor Who news and views with no jokes.

You were robbed:


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