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Dec 09, 2006

iWho Podcast: The Mark of the Rani

pod "What happens if you pull Colin Baker's chain?"

Tachyon TV present an alternative DVD commentary to The Mark of the Rani

Topics up for discussion include: niche porn featuring faux miners in recursive bath houses, Colin Baker's sotto voce, an extremely violent Michael Palin, Renegade Time Lords Reunited, two impossible competitions, a very special song and the sound of silence...

The podcast is available from the usual place


Im no Colin Baker fan, but that was pathetic.

Has somebody still got a Chip action figure on their shoulder? :)

What happened to the rest of The Three Doctors? I was really enjoying that.

You'd never have got away with that if the podcasts weren't ending in a few weeks anyway. Some of us are still on dialup, which lumbered said unfortunates with an extra hour's download time only to have half the podcast (not) tell us something we already knew in the most childish manner possible. I had a giggle, but I think it sort of proved Col's point a bit. :)

The Castrovalva jokes with the bathhouse were genius though.

Time to go easy on "Porky Pig"? Nah :).

"You'd never have got away with it if the podcasts weren't ending in a few weeks..."

What would have happened? Would people have come around to the caravan and burnt it to the ground because we didn't say anything for 18 minutes in *free* podcast? Sorry about the extra hour of downloading (I'm on dialup too) but I honestly don't see how it proves Colin's point. I thought he'd have been pleased we'd kept out mouths shut!

I meant in comedy terms. :)

Apart from, at first, making me think my iPod had packed up again, I thought it was a great gag. Compared to Catherine "Runaway Died" Tate, this was the height of comedy.

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